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  5. TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat????

TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat???? Lock Rss

I am so happy to come across this thread. Joined today as my hubby and I have been trying for 2 years and no luck. Eggs are there, swimmers are strong so it's unexplained infertility which has been frustrating.

Starting our first round of IVF this week....just waiting (not very patiently) for my period to arrive to have my blood test to create my baseline for testing. Am nervous and excited about it at the same time.

I can have mood swings with my period normally so does anyone who has already been taking their meds have any feedback on the side effects for taking Puregon and Cetrotide?

Any advice would be so welcome!
Hi Ladies, I am also on my first round and would love to join your group. I am 39 and started a couple of weeks ago so a little ahead of some of you by the looks of things. I had my egg collection last Friday and currently have two potential embryos growing. They collected five eggs but not all have made it this far. If they survive I will have my egg transfer this Wednesday so fingers crossed. I'm trying to just go with the flow and not think about it too much but easier said than done. Good luck to everyone just starting out. I haven't found it too difficult so far, if that helps at all. ????
Thanks ladies for all of your well wishes and warm welcomes.

Hi Freiheit & Missymoo best wishes to you both on your journeys smile
Freiheit wow exciting, sending you all the positive vibes I can. smile

A ginormous amount of baby dust sprinkled on all this morning.

Well I just had my last injections for now and I am nervously but trying to positively wait for my appointment.

Missymoo I got teary (very emotional) when taking the pill at the start (Microgynon) I had to keep telling myself it was the medication and to breathe. I think I found it best just putting how I felt out there to my hubby... Poor thing he didn't know what to do other than hug me and tell me it was all going to be alright. Best wishes.

Will let you know if they find any little future bundles to cuddle smile
Hi Ladies,

Sad news.
I only had three follicles on on my right and two on my left. Supposed to be heaps more. The FS said they weren't a good size so that makes it uncertain weather the eggs would be mature enough. I am devastated.
I feel so bad for DH and the look of sadness. We had two options continue and possible get eggs that weren't mature and wouldn't fertilise or cancel the cycle and start again in September. We cancelled sad
They may change me to puregon for next time. But I will be starting on a higher dose...

Best wishes to you all and I hope no one has to feel like this. Hugs and Positive warm vibes to you all for your journeys.
Oh no Kazybear, so sorry to hear that! Sending lots of hugs your way. Best of luck for the next round though and please let us know how it goes sad
So sorry for your news Kazybear... Fingers crossed for september! They know more by the second round so much better chances... x
I take my hat off to all of you injecting yourselves.... I had another appointment today to pick up rest of my drugs and they would not let me leave till I had injected myself(no drugs of course) to make sure I was doing it right!! I couldn't do it! Freaked out... Luckily for me my partner came to the appt with me and he managed fine! Looks like he will be doing my injections....

Welcome Freiheit and Missymoo!

So sorry to hear the news Kazybear…sending you lots of hugs and love and goodness for now and for September. Just keep positive (I know it harder to do then say)…remember to keep laughing and go get a super long massage. I'm sure I can talk for all the girls but we are here for u if u need us xoxo
Stax…nice work girlfriend on jab number one, and yes me too, I deep down thought that maybe, just maybe that it could be possible – a lot of stories as soon as people stop trying that it just happens.
Welcome Missymoo and Freiheit…super glad you found us. Keep us updated when your period arrives missymoo and hope its sooner than later and Freiheit you too with the transfer.

Tams that just too funny. Thanks for the laugh!!!!

I contacted my nurse lady today to see how long to wait for bloody AF...I mean my lovely period lol... until I need to see her. She wants me to come in for some bloods to see what havoc my hormones are getting up to. Guessing tomoz so let's see what they say.

Welcome Missymo and Freiheit. Missy good luck for the start of your cycle and Freiheit, fingers crossed for your transfer tomorrow xx
Sorry to hear about your follicles Kazybear, take care of your self between now and September, easier said than done, I know. xx
Lol Tams, I had to practice injecting into a silicone thing, Good to hear that hubby coped doing your injections smile
Good to hear the clinic are getting you in to see if they can tell what your hormones are doing, the things they can tell from a simple blood test is amazing
I'm still waiting for my next bloods and scan tomorrow. Today was day 15 of injections sigh
haha Tams - i found injecting myself for the first time was just like before you jump into a cold swimming pool. You tell yourself you going to do it...and then you dont...and then you say ok this is it...and then you dont ..until finally you take the plunge. Then I was expecting pain (like the cold shock when you do finally jump in the pool) only there was none...very anti-climactic, lol. I think my hubby is going to have to help me in the future though. You're supposed to pinch the skin with one hand and then inject with the other but I cant figure out how to inject with just one hand. The pen seems to need to be turning for it to go down as it doesnt move when I just push - so its impossible to do with just one hand! I cant remember having this problem with the practice run on the gel pad. Anyone else finding it similar or am i just dumb, lol.
Anyway, Good luck for your scan tomorrow Nicola!!
And becca, hope they figure out whats going on with your hormones soon smile
So my period arrived this morning and I was actually happy to see it after two years of being devastated on P Day! I go for my blood test in the morning and hopefully am start my meds tomorrow too. Little freaked out about injecting myself but think my hubby might get a little joy out of jabbing me every day grin smile

Kazybear I am really sorry to hear about your results....after I joined last night I read all of the posts from the beginning so was thinking about you today and was sending positive thoughts. xx

NicolaJS and Surfinbecca good luck! I hope it goes well!

Tams74....that's hilarious....will be in the same position tomorrow or Thursday so will see how I go.

Freiheit02 good luck with your transfer....fingers crossed for you xx
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