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  5. TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat????

TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat???? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
Thanks everyone for your support and well wishes hugs and finger crossing smile it has cheered me up.
I am now focussing on September so now I am waiting for AF to come.
I won't have much to report unit she comes so I am here to chat and support. smile and hopefully hear all your awesome news smile

Missymoo that is great news best wishes on your blood test and starting your injections smile.

Freiheit good luck with your transfer. smile

Stax and Tams that is funny I couldn't give myself needles at all. I would be hoping to do it with my eyes closed as I can't watch haha. The idea of jumping into a cold pool is exactly right haha.

Becca I laughed when I read your reply. I will follow that I think a massage is in order (hehe)

Shazzie best wishes for regulation smile

Nicola best wishes for your scan smile

Warmest wishes to all smile

Tams - is that the Puregon injection you are talking about twisting? I found that difficult for the first few nights as well but has found that instead of having my thumb on the top of the 'pen' and trying to push down, I put my thumb on the side of the twisty bit and move my thumb sideways if that makes sense. Hope the hint helps, but you will find what works for you after a few goes.
Yay I have more follicules!! On Sunday I only had one about 10ml on either side, but today I had about 3-5 on either side measuring from 8ml to 15, so we have progress! remaining on injections for now and another blood and scan on Friday
Great news Nicola!!
Hurray...go Nicola.!!! That's fantastic news. What a difference a couple of days make. You too Shazzie….getting closer to the transfer by the period lol

Missymoo how did you go this morning?

Kazybear glad you’re feeling better and had a giggle. It was your idea in the first place so cant take credit for it!!! Heheh

Stax how’s swimming in the cold pool going for you lol!!

So went and had my bloods this morning and nurse just rung today to say my hormones look good! I was kinda like, ok, so what exactly does that mean!!! She told me that I’ve ovulated, which Im happy and kinda surprised about cause I really though I wasn’t ovulating, so yeay to clomid. I told her that I just don’t feel my usual self – pretty mellow and not a crazy ass woman how I normally am at this time and she said that if I were pregnant that it wouldn’t show up yet. Progesterone levels are good, but that could change quite quick and bring on my period. I need to wait another week, if still nothing happens then I need to go in again for another blood test to see. Kinda weird place to be – want my period so bad but then it would be super cool if it doesn’t come!!! Hahaha. What’s that saying…grass is always greener!!! hahaha

Hi everyone,

So I had the transfer this morning and all went well. Only one embryo made it to transfer from an original five eggs collected. Three had fertilised but didn't made it to today so no frosties unfortunately. Oh well, this is my first go so if nothing else, at least I know what I'm up for next time! smile.

The transfer is pretty cool as they show you the embryo on screen. I asked how many cells it was but apparently once it becomes a blast? there are too many to count.

The Doctor asked if I was feeling positive but not really sure if I do or not. Kind of imagining in my head that as this is just the first try it would be pretty amazing if it actual worked first time around. Fingers crossed anyway.

So now it's a matter of settling in for the dreaded 2WW. They say this it the hardest part!

Nicola, great news on the extra follicles. It's great to see all those little black 'blobs' appear on the screen. I think we will all be experts at reading ultrasounds by the end of this.

I hope everyone else is progressing ok. Love hearing all your updates. Xx
That's great news Freiheit smile Just imagine your little blast being all warm and fuzzy and happy. Got all my fingers and toes crossed for you xo
Thanks for all the support... Ha ha! Much like the 'swimming pool effect'.... I sat there with the needle in my hand with my skin in my other hand and just couldn't do it!! Oh well... I think a bit more practise and I might be ok!

Nicola-Good news on the follicles... I will be on the gonal f which I think is very similar to puregon. I start next week sometime once my period comes. I have already strated on a testosterone cream and melatonin then gonal f next week and then Orgalutran injections also around day 8! I hear they are not the most pleasant.

Becca-glad to hear all is 'OK'. Could be worse i guess! Good luck for the next week or so.

Freiheit-Great news! Fingers crossed that little one attaches itself and that you have more good news in a couple of weeks!

Missymoo-hope the first injection treats you well!!!

Everyone else stay healthy and positive... xxx
Nicola that is such great news!!! Hope the results get even better by your next scan!

Freiheit02 - awesome for the transfer. I hope all goes well. I know how impatient I was waiting only a few days for my period to arrive to have the tests to start so I can only begin to imagine the 2WW and how you might feel. I wish you all the best though and cant wait to hear your update!!!

Thanks Tams74 - My blood tests came back and I start my injections tonight....eeeeekkkk!!! I am so excited but think I will be shaking like a leaf trying to do it myself. smile smile

First time round so will have to cut myself some slack and will report back later once I have taken a dive in the swimming pool with everyone else.....wish me luck!

Happy positive baby dreams for everyone xxx
I did it and was so not as bad as I thought it was going to be!
Good work missymoo!!
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