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  5. TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat????

TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat???? Lock Rss

Good work Missymoo smile
Thanks ladies!

Has anyone when they have finished their injection seen it leak out?? I took my needle out tonight and was still pinching my skin when I saw clear liquid maybe the size of a droplet of water where I had taken the needle out? Little worried that I may have stuffed up the dosage now!
Hey Missy..yes it happens to me as well. I was thinking the same thing and was going to bring it up with the nurse when I see her next. Hopefully just a droplet won't affect the dose too much though
Stax....does it happen every time to you? I don't remember seeing it last night when I started but then again I was so nervous that I could have missed it? I waited the 5 seconds before I pulled the needle out so not sure what I might be doing wrong or if it's just normal?
Not every time but more often than not. I also wait for the 5 seconds but tonight the same thing happened again anyway
Yeah I've had droplets come out when I take out the needle. I can't remember where I read it, but read that that happens when the stuff hasn't finished coming out of the needle when its removed. Maybe try leaving the needle in for a second or 2 longer?
Got my finger crossed for my scan this morning, that the smaller follicules have kept growing smile And maybe, just maybe they can give me a collection date
Good luck Nicola! Fingers crossed for you!!!

Will try leaving the needle for a bit longer tonight, thanks for the tip!
Good luck Nicola x
Another bloods and scan day tomorrow, but they were talking that I may be able to trigger tomorrow night with egg collection on Monday smile
Was on the verge of tears when another couple walked out of the scan room with the wife crying, passed them in the carpark with the hubby consoling her
Oh no Nicola that's too sad sad
But good news on the egg collection coming up soon!
Had my first bloods today and nurse said they all good. So more bloods and first scan on Sunday for me.

Anyone else feel nauseous at all? I've been feeling sick since last night (day 4 of Puregon). Hoping it's just something I ate but it won't go away. It's not so bad that I feel like I'm going to throw up any time soon, but it's just not a nice feeling :-/
Yeah it was sad. Reminded me it could be a reality.
Great to hear that your bloods came back looking good, fingers crossed they see lots of follicules on Sunday.
I can't say I've felt nauseous at all, my main side effect has been thirst - I can easily drink 3L of water at the moment!! If it keeps up ask the nurse on Sunday.

Hi girls, I'm new here... I had my first egg pick up two days ago and currently looking at a transfer on Tuesday. I'm glad to find this forum because I haven't really told many people at all that we are doing ivf!
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