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  5. TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat????

TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat???? Lock Rss

Welcome miss s, fingers crossed for your transfer! Hope it all goes well.

Good luck Nicola....sending positive vibes your way.

Such a sad thing to see with the other couple....just heartbreaking. Being my first round of IVF I am possibly a bit naive but I still feel for them as I know how I have felt the last 2 years of trying naturally without any luck. My heart goes out to them.

I am on my 4th day of injections and have my first scan on Tuesday to see how my follicles are developing so hoping for positive news. X
So much inspiration! I'm booked for egg pickup on Monday & possible transfer Wednesday. If we have eggs & if they fertilise. So many ifs! Lucky it's still a few days off! I hope we make it that far.
Hubs & I have been TTC for what feels like a hundred years, I'm sure it's only 3 or four!
Gosh it seems like such a way off & yet too soon! We've tried iui, alternate medicine, fertility holidays - the works.
At this EPU I'll be CD11, I stopped stims this morning & trigger tonight. Fingers crossed & good luck ladies xx
Welcome Miss_S and Floating madly. Miss_S good luck with your transfer on Tuesday. Good luck for your egg pickup on Monday.
My follicules showed more growth at this mornings scan. I am to do my trigger injection tonight and have egg collection on Monday
Good luck with your scan on Tuesday Missy_Moo , are you now feeling ok doing the injections?
Welcome floating madly....glad you have found the group and I hope everything goes well for you x

That's awesome news Nicola! So happy for you x my injection last night was text book! No droplets this time as I left the needle in for 10 seconds after finishing the injection.

Have felt a bit teary a few times but have just taken a few breaths and the hubby has been super supportive so it has all been so far, so good. We are just happy to be finally moving in the right direction.

Look forward to hearing your results Nicola!

Thanks smile Yeah I've had a few moments as well, hubby is totally my clamer right now
Still 'feeling' my ovaries a little bit, but its more just like a mild discomfort! The day of the pick up and the day after I was quite sore, but I honestly think I felt worse with bloating in the lead up to the egg pick up!

I've woken up this morning with a lovely green congested nose this morning, hopefully that wont be a bad thing for Tuesday!

Good luck for your pick up tomorrow Floating Madly smile
Hi All,

Welcome to all the new people and all the best wishes to you.

Thinking of you all. Here's to all the great news to come and all the BFP to come...

I am still waiting for AF to show up so I can pick myself up and go again.

She's arrived!!!!!!!! Tomorrow I'm jumping in the pool smile

Welcome miss s and floating madly. Good luck tomorrow Nicola and to the rest of u ladies in the next few days..lots of things happening at the minute!

Welcome miss s and floating madly....

Nicola good news on the follicels and trigger tonight and hopefully all goes well on Monday

Becca- YAY!!! good news for you and good luck with the first injections

Hope first scan goes well on Tuesday Missymoo!

I am expecting periods anytime from tomorrow to Thursday so will keep you all posted!


Lol nice one Shazzie!!!! Thanks tams and fingers crossed tomorrow happens for u smile
Yay Becca! Hope the cycle goes well for you now that you can finally begin smile
Welcome to the's great that everyone is doing well so far. I can't wait for the first person in this group to announce they are pregnant!!
I went for my first scan today, got two big follicles on the right and 5 smaller ones on the left, so not too shabby. The dr was quite pleased. Go for the second scan on Tuesday then hopefully pick up on Thursday.
Have a good week everyone!
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