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  5. TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat????

TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat???? Lock Rss

Oh yeah...and I'm still nauseous and it can get quite bad especially in the middle of the night. I'm fully prepared to be sick after falling pregnant so feeling kinda cheated that I'm sick before, haha. At least there are no other symptoms though smile

Thanks tams!!! Had my first night of two injections as I started cetrotide tonight and the second needle was not so fun! Stung for ages afterwards.

Awesome news becca!!! Good luck on the injections xx

Funny as shazzie!!! That made me laugh very loudly and I am sitting here on my own looking like a crazy lady!

Good luck stax, I hope it all goes seem to only be a few days ahead of me so will be following your progress with hopes for both of us to share happy news at the same time x

Good luck to everyone for great results this week....I have a positive vibe about it all. X
Thanks for the love girlies

So I've been told today that I need to do my jabs in the tomorrow it starts. I'm on 150 of gonal f and then will be on 0.25mg of orgalutran from sat onwards. Had an ultra sound and the dr said there are 12 follicles he can see and that we have to be careful of over stimulation.. (I didn't even realise that they could see this before I start injecting!!!!) hubby's all excited to be jabbing me left right and centre...I said I'd be fine but the disappointment in his face I told him it's all yours lol

How did u everyone go today?
You sound similar to me surfinbecca! I started with 7 follicles, was on 200 of Gonal f... not sure of my orgalutran dosage off the top of my head though! Hot tip for orgalutran, put a ice pack on your tummy before injecting - they hurt :-/

I hope everyone's pick ups went well today x
Good luck with the first jabs tmr Becca...

Thanks for the ice pack tip Miss s. I had accidently seen a you tube video of someone injecting the oragultran and seemed alot worse than the other injections but I like the idea of the ice pack. Good luck for pick up tmr...

I am playing the waiting game so hoping at some point in the next few days!

Hope the others that have had pick up are still going strong and little ones are growing nicely!!

Good luck Becca for your first jabs. Sound like most of ok are doing ok at the moment smile
My collection went well yesterday, they got 7 follicules so fingers crossed for my phone call this morning when they tell me how many had eggs, I had a few smaller ones on my last scan.
I always thought the 'two week wait' started once the transfer happened, but it starts the first day after collection.
Hi all. Had another scan today and all is looking good so booked in for collection on Thursday. Glad your collection went well Nicola, hopefully you get a good number of eggs out of it. How do you feel the day after collection? They are recommending that I also take the next day off work and so just wondering if it is still sore the next day?
Keep well everyone xx
Ohhh exciting Stax! I would suggest getting the day after off as well. It was recommended to me, I am lucky, today and tomorrow are my normal days off. I am still a bit tender around my ovaries and a bit woozy so taking things slowly today. The wooziness may be to do with the egg collection but could also partially as my blood pressure dropped afterwards when I was getting dressed and ready to leave.
Hi everyone,

Well, my transfer is done smile Now the wait begins..! The clinic gave me a photo of the embryo they transferred which was a nice surprise smile

Hope everyone is doing well x
Oh wow, miss S that's so cool! Here's hoping it's a good little embryo and it implants nicely smile

Thanks for the advice Nicola, I have taken 2 days off and then it's the weekend so will have plenty of time to recover in case I need it, lol
OMG Miss_s!!! I'm so excited for you!! Stay little one! Stay! Hope the wait and not knowing don't get too muchxx
Stax - that's nicely timed for the weekend smile
I've just heard from the clinic - all 7 follicules had eggs and they managed to fertilise 5 of them smile I wait to hear on Thursday how many are still 'around' and transfer on Saturday
Thanks for all the good luck girlies. So first jab went well. I see what you guys mean about it kinda of leaking out. We (well hubby) ended up just releasing the liquid slower. Only 150….it must take forever to give a 450 shot! Is there anywhere in particular you girls find nicer to puncture? Closer to belly button or further away? Probably doesn’t really make a difference but thought I’d ask anyway.

Congrats on transfer Miss S. That’s super exciting. Thanks on the tip of the ice pack too. I think Im going to just pull it out tomoz to use as well, can’t hurt….literally lol

Nicola that’s awesome news!!! Keep us updated. Part of the 2 week wait now too, I would have thought it would start after egg transfer…that’s pretty cool. Bring on Sat. Hope you are feeling fully recovered…well after that news im sure you are feeling pretty good.

Stax good to hear the scan went well and that Thursday is the day. So you are going to get your trigger on soon then. Good to hear you are taking extra time off. I’m thinking that I will do the same.

Shazzie how you and your hormones going?

Tams, hope you get to join me very very soon.

Kazybear any signs yet?

Missymoo how are the two needles going? Is the second one still stinging like hell?

Freiheit how you feeling there. When do you go for bloods to check? Must be soon.

Floating madly how was egg pickup?. Hope it went well and that you are feeling fully recovered.

BFP coming very soon from all of you, I cant wait to hear the news!!!!!!!!

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