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  5. TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat????

TTC round #1 IVF.....starting end of July 2015....anyone in the same boat???? Lock Rss

So the day has come... She arrived yesterday. Yay... Had bloods this morning and I am good to go with first injection tomorrow morning. I am on Gonal f 300!
Seems that most of you have some kind of good news which is very promising and very exciting on all counts!
Good luck with the couple of transfers happening in the next couple of days.... And good luck to those hoping to have egg collection in next few days...
Its all very real now for all of us and I have everything crossed that someone here gets the news they want very soon... Lots of hugs xxxxx
Yeay good stuff tams.

3 packs rock!!!!!!

I used one this morning and felt absolutely nothing. Thanks for the tip girls
So I went for my first scan and bloods yesterday and they already have me booked in for my pickup on Friday. I am so excited but didn't realise it would happen that quick?? I have only been on the injections for 7 days? Has it happened that quick for anyone else? happy to hear the injections are going well! I don't think there is a good place but I have been doing mine a few inches either side of my belly button as its a bit meatier I guess.

Freiheit I haven't seen any updates from you so hope everything is going well and the 2WW isn't too bad for you. x I would probably be peeing on a stick every other day....just in case of course the stick will tell me before the

Miss S that's awesome news on the transfer - cant wait to hear your update. I hope your little one stays put xxxxx wishing you all the best xx

Floating madly - what were your results? I hope you are feeling okay xx

Nicola how are you feeling so far? Getting excited I bet!

Good luck for tomorrow Stax!! Fingers crossed they pick up a good number for you xx

Sorry if I have missed anyone xx.

Thanks for all the luck and wishes! I'm still battling with a cough and cold but i'm hoping it wont be a bad thing... staying positive!!

Yahoo, glad the ice packs worked for you too surfinbecca! Good luck with your first injection Tams74!

Good luck for your latest news on your embryos Nicola JS smile

Missymoo78, I think I only had 7 or 8 days of injections too... (I cant remember if I had injections the morning of the trigger or not?!? Its a blur already!) I was running 'early' so to speak - was told pick up would be either Friday or Monday and it ended up being the Thursday!

Hope everyone else is doing great as well smile

Yay Tams! Hope the first injection goes well xx
How is those who have collections and transfers in the last few days going? Hope you are doing ok at the least smile
I'm still a bit uncomfortable from my collection on Monday but back to work for me today. Was glad my days off fell immediately after collection.
Day 3 of jabs and feeling super bloated already!! Its nuts. Didn’t have the best sleep either, got my sweats on too. Do you girls feel as bloated on day 3 too?

Missymoo and Miss that is super nice and quick. I hope I take after both of you…the less needles the better

Thanks for the advice missymoo…im pinching the crapola out of my stomach when doing it and looks like its in the same spot as you. Good luck tomoz for your pickup.

Hope you feel better too Miss s.

Good luck today at work Nicola. So have to ask, what do you mean by feeling uncomfortable – is it a tight feeling, crampy feeling? Are you taking Panadol to help and is it working?

Hi all, glad to see everyone is coming along nicely, and all have begun their cycles now smile keep up the good work!

Had my collection today, of the 7 follicles we got 5 eggs. So now we wait and see how they go over the next few days. At the start I thought that it would be nice to have 3 viable embryos so there is a good backup, so here's hoping that's the case smile
The collection bit isn't that bad, didn't feel a thing and pretty much slept through it. I'm a bit sore now, but it's like bad period pain so nothing I can't handle with a few panadol.

Keep well everyone!
Hey girlies,

Awesome news Stax x

Shazzie how far did you let your hyperstimulation go? I am feeling pretty full already and wont be seeing anyone until Monday. Did you feel ill or had troubles breathing (I don't have this but they say to watch out for it)? Or did you just feel super full? I just want to get a gauge on how you felt so I understand if I need to go see someone before Monday.

Thanks Shazzie. Yep Im good, just curious as to how bloated is normal. I didn't expect to feel this full after 3 days of injections. I must be growing teenagers in there!! lol
So called the clinic today to see how they are all going and all 5 that survived fertilization are still around!!

Becca - I wouldn't describe the uncomfort as period pain, I was noticing overies and maybe a bit of vagina tenderness, I noticed them when moving around, I was fine sitting. I took Panadol for the day of and maybe once the next day. Hope your managing with your bloating, can you call the nurses on Friday just to double check what they think?
Stax - hope you get your 3 viable embryos you are hoping for
I found my bloating was more after collection but I may have also been a bit constipated. Lovely eh? While on the injections it was more thirst, sweets, and tiredness.
Hope everyone is doing ok
That's great news Nicola! smile so far so good...yay!
I think definitely call them Becca, even if its just for a little reassurance! My estrogen levels got very high too and I bloated up pretty quickly. I think i've gone up a cup size too, lol!

Nicola, i'm just noticing some of that lovely constipation now hahaha, a week after collection! Wondering if its maybe the progesterone?

I've had my first day of paranoia etc today... normally i'm such a chilled out person but today I was just a bit of a stress head. For example I could smell that one of the girls at work had sprayed some perfume and I was internally freaking out about that, then about cleaning chemicals, then a few of the kids (I work in childcare) were pushing my buttons a little and I had to remind myself not to stress! But I think I already was, hahaha. Then on the drive home I saw a girl walking a dog that looked like our old family dog and I felt a bit teary... The Crinone (progesterone) pamphlet says that becoming emotional is a very common side effect hahaha, I guess it really kicked in for me today! Feeling fine now though smile
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