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TTC August 2015 Lock Rss

Thought i would start a group for those who are heading into August to TTC.

AF arrived for me a few days ago. Ready to get this month under way =)

Who's joining me?

Edited to add;

TTC - Trying to conceive
TWB - Two weeks before
TWW - Two week wait
FRER - First Response Earl Response (referring to preg test)
OPK's - Ovulation predictor Kit's
B'ding/dtd - Baby Dancing/doing the deed
O - Ovulating
AF - Aunt Flo (your period)
Fx - Fingers crossed
DPO - Days post ovulation
DD - Dear Daughter
DS - Dear Son
DH - Dear Husband
DP - Dear partner
OH - Other Half
CM - Cervical Mucus
EWCM - Egg White Cervical Mucus
CD - Cycle Day
BFN - Big Fat Negative
BFP - Big Fat Positive
NTNP - Not trying, not preventing
EPO - Evening Primrose Oil
FMU - First Morning Urine/wee
Jellybean TTC#1 cycle 4, O due around 2nd Aug, AF due around 16th Aug


Hi, I might be joining you in august cause I don't feel confident about this month. AF is due 1 August so still have a couple of weeks to wait. What do the abbreviations stand for cause I read them & get a little confused cause I don't know what people are talking about.
Hi I'm just wondering also what the abbreviations stand for, I also get confused

Hi jellybean well I'm still in July as AF left few days but I'm not feeling lucky this month plus as much as I don't want it I kind of need ad to come again to see how my cycles are going due to PCOS so I can check my LH to make sure I'm O'ing best of luck to you jellybean I really hope this is your month and the last of us waiting get our BFP lots of love and fX
time to join in for next month as even though a got a BFP last week I'm pretty sure I've lost it. Fingers crossed this is our month!
Hi all!
I am joining over from the July thread TTC#1 cycle#3 O due 21/22 July, AF due approx 6th August.
For those who know me from the July thread. I have PCOS so far since stopping the pill in April AF has arrived each month between 29-31days.

Last cycle I was so stressed out with testing and BD'ing then symptom spotting I was sending myself crazy!
This month hubby suggested no testing for ovulation planning in BD'ing every day on and around estimated ovulation time. Also if I can avoid pregnancy tests unless AF hasn't arrived. Trying to take the stress out of it this month. I've done the ovulation calculating so know the rough days I should be at peak.

Fingers crossed for everyone this month.
Hey ladies smile

I am finally moving over here from the July ttc board! My gosh its been a busy week for me so far so I am hoping the rest of the week might slow down a bit from now. smile

I am onto CD 4 so I only have one more day of having the dreadful witch then its back to the fun parts of TTC haha wink So I need to stock back up on OPKs as I had ordered 40 last cycle so I thought a bulk purchases may last me a couple of cycles but noooo I was a bit OCD with using them in last cycle waiting for my O day which now results in me only having a few of those left...OOPS! tongue

Am still taking folic acid daily or should I say MOST days when I remember too (gotta make them a higher priority I feel for this cycle) and I need to go get some EPO as I barely produced any CM last cycle, like im talking only teeny weeny dots so I gotta push my body to produce more in the hope I can get some EWCM happening during my fertile time so these swimmers have a better environment to survive in!

Am still awaiting my bulk internet cheapie pg tests that were sent 3 weeks ago from UK to NZ. Communication with seller is in force to try and locate its whereabouts however I have heard from others who have bought off ebay that it really can take THAT long to arrive *sigh*

Other than those things I gotta get which I will hopefully get around to doing that tonight with opk nz order and grab some EPO from supermarket tomorrow, there is not much else to report at this stage. smile

Welcome to any newbies who are joining us for this cycle of ttc, hope yas get that much wanted BFP! Fx

How are the rest of you girls doing? Where is everyone at with their cycles? xo
Just adding myself to the list..

Jellybean TTC#1, cycle 4 O due around 2nd Aug, AF due around 16th Aug
JT_22 TTC#1 cycle#3 O due 21/22 July, AF due approx 6th August
Lovablenz TTC#3, cycle 6, O due 2nd August, AF due 16th August


Most times when I buy things from overseas on eBay it takes 3-4 weeks to arrive never been any longer then 4 weeks though I've been bad I haven't been taking any supplements I should be taking folic acid and zinc for my acne my face gets on and off bad break outs due to this horrid pcos it's a nightmare and ruins my confidence and self esteem but you kinda get use to it just get very uncomfortable when at the shops or in crowds and bright lights ???? I hope all you ladies are doing well when is everyone due to test opks and pg if yous are I won't be testing this month I might after a week of when I'm expecting AF
Just adding myself to the list..

Jellybean TTC#1, cycle 4 O due around 2nd Aug, AF due around 16th Aug
JT_22 TTC#1 cycle#3 O due 21/22 July, AF due approx 6th August
Lovablenz TTC#3, cycle 6, O due 2nd August, AF due 16th August
Manicstarling TTC#1, cycle 4, O due 6-7th August, AF due 20th-21st August


I bought vitex and epo today so will take them for the next few weeks along with my normal prenatal, fish oil, magnesium, b complex and super greens just realised how many supplements I'm going to be taking! Some of these ill stop either after O, after a BFP
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