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TTC August 2015 Lock Rss

I've just been reading back through the forum and see a few of you mentioned you're taking vitex.

After reading a little info online I'm keen to give it a shot.

Do I just buy it from the chemist and any suggestion/advice on brand and dosage?

Thanks in advance!
Hi. Yes you can get it from the chemist. They may know it as Agnus Castus. The brand I buy is Natures Own 1000mg. I take 2 a day as it says you can. This will be my second cycle taking it so hoping it does it's magic and. I get my BFP on Friday smile
I've also started taking vitex, and I'm wondering if it has messed with my cycle a little bit. I finally got a positive OPK on Sunday meaning I most likely Od on Monday which is cycle day 19 and very late for me. The annoying thing is that we didn't BD much over the weekend for various reasons, so I missed the two best days sad feeling a bit gutted as the same thing happened last month. Kinda counting myself out this month, even tho I know here's still a good chance, guess I'm just sick of getting my hopes up for nothing. Can't wait to see lots of BFPs on this thread, they always give me hope smile
They recommend vitex for ladies with irregular cycles I took it anyway cause I was willing to try anything and it delayed my ovulation and stretched my cycles out from 29 days to 35. I'd be careful if you are really regular it may throw you out a bit, as soon as I stopped it I went back to normal. Might just get your hopes up like it did mine making you think you're late for AF when really it's just the affect on your hormone levels. Up to you though smile
Luckily for me it regulated my cycle as I O and have AF on days 14 and 25 every cycle. I am not sure what would happen if I stop taking it but dont want to do that while TTC. What was your cycle before Manicstarling?
Thanks for all the feedback and input ladies!
My cycle is usually regular. I've been off the pill 7 months and fell into a 24-26 days, however this month (first month TTC I went 29 days which has now freaked me out!

I am away in my fertile period this month so no TCC but am going to start tempting and using OPK strips to see if I can work out accurately when I O.
I might hold off on the vitex until I have a better understanding on my cycle grin
Thanks for your help!
I think I've confused myself about this whole process...
I'm in my second month off birth control pills. Last month was a standard 28 day cycle so I have been using the same 28 day count for this cycle. But I think I've made a mistake somewhere...
Based on a 28 count, I was due to ovulate on the Monday but I didn't experience ovulation symptoms until the Thursday.... I have PCOS so I often doubt my body and I think that's where I go wrong.
Anyway- if I didn't ovulate until the Thursday, does that mean I'm not due for my period until this Thursday (and not yesterday? )
And also, I experienced really bad pms symptoms on sunday; bad backache, headache, yucky sick feelings in the stomach.... but those feelings are all gone and I didn't get my period. If I'm not actually due for my period until Thursday, could that have actually been implantation? It would have been 9 or 10 days after what I now believe to be ovulation.
I know I'll just have to wait and see what happens, but I guess I just wanted to see what you ladies think. Especially about when I'm actually due- I think that might be where I've always gone wrong....
Thank you smile
Hi ladies, period due tomorrow. I'm starting to get excited for my next cycle. Should ovulate at the end of the month. Fingers crossed it's going to be my turn. Couldn't help myself yesterday and brought the most beautiful hat. Husband laughed when I showed him.
Hi ladies!!

Just wondering how many days before ovulation you notice your OpK starting to darken? I've been testing for a few day (cd11 now) and it's still got no colour at all??
Hi Teachy,
I've had mixed results with my OPKs, sometimes I get a faint test line before I get the positive (line as dark or darker than the test line) other times I get nothing at all until I get a positive test! Pain in the behind when trying to predict cycles! smile
So ladies 4 days in a row of BFP! Monday's was a lot darker!!

Had blood tests done yesterday and saw the doctor today, my hcg levels are low, but still positive she said it just means that it's really early. (I only guessed my AF due date which could have been out by a few days or so)

So next step blood tests again Thursday to check that the Hcg level are still going up until I can have an early pregnancy ultrascan.- Has this happened to anyone else? the usually google searching I have done seems to say it continues to double every 48-72 hours.

Still in shock and want to feel more excited but I think until that 12week scan until I can go into full blown party mode.

Looking out for more BFP's from everyone else. Fingers crossed!!
Congrats JT_22!
Best wishes on your pregnancy journey smile
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