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TTC August 2015 Lock Rss

Hi ladies, has anyone else felt like their breasts are burning? Is this a normal PMS symptom?
Congrats JT on your BFP smile
Congrats JT!! How exciting!
No Mandy, my breasts aren't burning, but they're a little sensitive, my nipples mostly. Please do a test!! Lol
I did a test this morning before hubby left for work, like 1/2hr ago, I did it on an eBay cheapie... Got a faint second line! It's really faint, but not squint your eyes, faint. Sounds promising to me. Tmi, but I wish I kept my wee, so I could test on an FRER. Hubby has his hopes up, admittedly I do too. We will see what tomorrow's test says smile
Jellybean2 that is soooo exciting. All appendages crossed that you get a strong BFP tomorrow smile
How exciting Jellybean. Hope that line gets stronger for you smile Try using an opk today maybe?
Hey ladies, just been lurking on your board. Trying to see what's happening with some of you. I had my dating scan today and I'm 6w5d so Due Date is 1st April. I'm staying in the March board as I could go either way if I'm early or late.
Just thought I'd mention that for me, I got sore bbs from a day or two after ovulation and they are still sore! It's no different to the pms sore the only thing that was different was the soreness didn't go away a day or so before AF like it usually does.
I'm still taking Vitex and plan to take until 12 weeks as that is what I read.
Good luck to you all and throwing lots of baby dust smile
Ok, so after i just tested this morning, hubby left for work (at 6 freakin 30) and he rang me in the car on the way lol we discussed doing another test. No drinking, and in a couple of hours. Well, i did! I did it on another cheapie and the line came up again. I thought i'll crack open the FRER and see how that goes… NO freakin way!! I got my BFP!!! It's only slightly fainter than control line, but hey, a line is a line. Wooah! I'm still in shock! Super exciting! I'll test again tomorrow or friday just because it hasn't 100% sank in yet haha omg wow! This will be our first child =)
Today makes me 3 weeks, 5 days, and i'll be due around 22nd April.

good luck to everyone this month!
Hope you get your BFP Bagpuss! (and everyone else for that matter)
I'll still hang around here for a little while. Lots of baby dust to everyone!
Awwww Jellybean huge congratulations to you and being your first aswell, well deserved smile What cycle number is this for you? I really hope I can see you on the April due board in a few days time. Yes, I have the sore BB's from O day onwards and it always goes away the day before AF so I guess tomorrow I will get my advanced warning if I am out this month, feeling really nervous but trying to stay sane at the same time! I know my time will come but obviously I really hope this will be it so that I dont have to go and see the dr and see if something is wrong as that is what I will be doing if I get AF.

Great to hear from you Kiwi-m and that you have had a dating scan. Can anyone have an early scan if they want to as I have only ever had a 12 week dating scan?
I always had scans a few weeks after my initial gp visit where the pregnancy was confirmed, my cycles are very irregular so I never had any way of knowing how far along I was until the scan.
For my last pregnancy, my dates indicated that I was 9 weeks pregnant but I was only 5. The joys of PCOS :/
Not sure if this is the case in standard situations.

Can you lucky ladies who have had their BFP's please update the list? It feels like there are a lot of BFP's on here lately! smile smile
Well looks like I am out this month. AF has reared her big ugly head on what would be CD27. If I got AF on CD27 does that mean I have a 26 day cycle or a 27 day cycle?

Back to CD1 for me on cycle 2 TTC#1. Baby dust for everyone x
Congrats jellybean! Did u do anything different this month to catch that eggy??
Afm, cd 12 and a positive opk! If it's not positive it's damn closr! Guess I'll be jumping hubby a bit in the next few days. Great timing too as our fancy shmancy lube came today. Last time we used it we ended up falling pregnant with missy moo xx
Congrats jellybean! That's amazing news smile
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