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TTC August 2015 Lock Rss

JT_22 wrote:
So ladies 4 days in a row of BFP! Monday's was a lot darker!!

Had blood tests done yesterday and saw the doctor today, my hcg levels are low, but still positive she said it just means that it's really early. (I only guessed my AF due date which could have been out by a few days or so)

So next step blood tests again Thursday to check that the Hcg level are still going up until I can have an early pregnancy ultrascan.- Has this happened to anyone else? the usually google searching I have done seems to say it continues to double every 48-72 hours.

Still in shock and want to feel more excited but I think until that 12week scan until I can go into full blown party mode.

Looking out for more BFP's from everyone else. Fingers crossed!!

Hey Ladies!
congrats jelly bean & JT

So im in the same boat my last period was the 7th July and i think i O around the 26th july i got my 1st BFP on the 5th (late in the evening even tho it was faint it was defiantly there, tested again the following morning and it was darker!)
Well on the 11-August i had a blood test and my levels were only 90…. low my GP doesn't want me to do the test again until monday but gee its driving me crackers!!! i know with my first i missed my period and it wasn't showing up in home tests so did a blood test and it was really low but my dr back then tested again 2 days later & it was going up.

JT what was your level?
So, as I posted this arvo, I got a positive opk and our fancy lube came today. I was all ready to get down to business when I got home from work when the husband says 'I don't feel like it' SERIOUSLY?!?!? I've maybe heard that from him twice before EVER and he chooses tonight to say no. I can't believe it.
Oh no! Perhaps he's feeling the pressure. It can be daunting for the man- so much pressure to perform to schedule... :/
If its really the night that you need to do it- maybe slip into something sexy, have a drink with hubby and both of you try to relax and enjoy the night- and then let events flow naturally smile
Good Luck! smile
AF still hasn't arrived. It's been torture since Monday! Lol
Still not completely sure if I was due on Monday or today or tomorrow.... but I've decided to take a test on Saturday if it hasn't arrived by then. It's been a very long week! :/
Teachy- how did you go last night?
Oh townsagel, I can't believe u haven't tested!! You are a better woman than me, I have quite the POAS addiction.

Afm, we didn't end up dtd Wednesday night. I felt sulking was much more productive. Lol. We did do it Wednesday morning (before the positive OPK) so I'm sure that would help. Pretty sure I O'd yesterday. Had o pains and cramps. Dtd last night and contemplating doing it again either this Morning or tonight after work. Hopefully I have our bases covered then.

Question, is AF generally due 2 weeks after you O??
AF arrived for me today which I knew would happen as we took this month off. To be honest I had heaps of fun not worrying about it and OH took me out lots for dinner and wines and I didn't have to feel guilty smile
This is going to be cycle number TWELVE for us TTC #1 which means if we are not successful I will need to book in with my GP to get some tests done. Fingers crossed this isn't necessary but if it is that's ok as I am only 24 so have plenty of time. Can't believe it's been almost a year of being on this journey, hope this will be our lucky month. Good luck to everyone who's waiting to test - I hope you don't have to wait as long as me for your sticky bean! x
Also Teachy it depends on your luteal phase length but generally AF will arrive between 11 and 14 days after you O any longer/shorter can sometimes cause problems so it helps to track that just in case. I used OPKs until I had figured it out properly so I know I generally get AF 12 days after I O smile
Congrats to the ladies who got a positive this month!

no AF for me yet. Last month was a bit crazy for me as I had my period at the start of the month, then again during the third week of the month and one week later had 1 day of light bleed! (sorry for TMI)

No pregnancy symptoms and all tests are negative. Crazy female body! So confused when my next O date is (or was) might have to BD everyday for the rest of the month! LOL!
Still no AF but I have that pre AF feeling. I keep expecting to see it each time I go to the toilet and I kind of wish it would just hurry up so I can move on and concentrate on the next cycle.

Good luck everyone!
Thanks everyone for your congrats! Feeling super excited and both hubby and i are over the moon. Still a little cautious though as its our first. I haven't had bloods done yet as my usual doctor is away sick. Hoping i can call up monday and try get it asap, otherwise i may just get an appointment with another doctor.
Is there any problem with getting bloods two weeks after finding out?

Bagpuss - Thanks! Please tell me you are heading into the Due April 2016 thread?
This is our 4th cycle, but 3rd cycle 'trying' as i was out last month due to vaccines. Definitely felt so much better having a 'month off' and we were right into it.
I have my first scans at 8weeks and it's marked down as "dating scan"

Sorry to hear AF arrived Mandy! Good luck for next month!

Teachy, i took evening primrose oil this cycle, which i had never taken before. Took it from day 1 until around day 14/15, right before ovulation. We also tried (sorry TMI) tried orgasming at the same time to help the little fellas up there. Whether any of these were actually the trick, i don't know, but it worked for us this month. Good luck this month!

Good luck to everyone waiting to test or are about to O. Hope to see you in the April board!
JT_22 TTC#1 cycle#3 O due 21/22 July, AF due approx 6th August
Lovablenz TTC#3, cycle 6, O due 2nd August, AF due 16th August
makalu TTC #2 cycle #2 O due 10-15 August, AF due 24-29 August (guess)
Haylsa - TTC#1 cycle #4 O due 14th Aug, AF due 29th Aug
Mel357 TTC#1 cycle 7, O due about 15th Aug, AF due about 29th Aug
Teachy TTC #1 cycle 1. O due around 14th AUg, AF due 29th Aug
StepMumma TTC#1, Cycle 2. O due 6th Aug, AF due Aug 20
Rhiann0n19 - TTC#3 Cycle 7, O due around 22nd of August, AF due 5th September

Bagpuss80 TTC #4 Cycle 4, O due 2nd August AF due 14th August
Townsangel TTC#4 Cycle 2, O due around 27 July, AF due around 10 August
Crazy_mama TTC#3, cycle 1, O 29th July, AF due 12th August.

Loo lou TTC #5 Cycle #2 - due around 12-04-2016
Jellybean TTC#1, cycle 4, due around 23rd April '16
I'm not sure Jellybean. AF hasn't turned up and I haven't tested. Keep feeling she is on her way though so could be late but not sure why cycle changed as have been regular as clockwork. Will test in morning if no AF when I wake up.
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