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TTC August 2015 Lock Rss

Right I am feeling more focused today after feeling sorry for myself all weekend. So, on to cycle 5.

Today I see my dr to have a chat and request bloods to be done to check for anything that could be stopping me from conceiving. I have also added Vitamin B6 to my long list of supplements. Have read about it helping with fertility and the pregnancy supplement I take has no where near the recommended daily amount, I just assumed what was in the tablet was enough. I am also going to see a naturopath in a couple of weeks time, found once who is local, reasonably priced and sounds good so I thought why not. So depending on the outcome of drs/ naturopath I hope something will happen soon as really after seeing a dr/ naturopath and treating any known issues there really is nothing else I can do so perhaps that will help me feel more relaxed and less anxious.

This board is very quiet, is anyone still waiting to test, how are you feeling?
Sounds like a good game plan love!!

I was thinking how quiet it was in here too. Where are all the symptom spotting stories?? I love those!!!

I'm about 4 dpo so nothing exciting to report here
Good to hear Bagpuss80!

I'm only on CD6 of cycle #2 so nothing exciting going on here. However my OPK's came today so looking forward to being able to determine when I ovulate instead of symptom spotting! I have decided that I am not going to symptom spot as PMS symptoms too closely resemble pregnancy symptoms. Baby dust for everyone.
I'm only on CD 4 so nothing exciting happening with me either except munching on quite a lot of chocolate smile
I didn't want to bore anyone with my symptom spotting, but here they are since you asked for them wink

Had some nausea on sat morning which I posted about earlier but I've also had an upset stomach on and off since sat too, could totally be I've just eaten something slightly off which hasn't given me full food poisoning but enough to make my body react. But I did have a dodgy tummy two cycles back when I got my bfp. I've also had some sharp stabbing pains and what feels like AF cramps, but stronger. I'm officially 7dpo but I'm wondering if I'm actually 11dpo given my uncertainty about O date. Def not getting hopes up or reading too much into symptoms though. Also not too sure when AF is due now. I presume two weeks after positive OPK but I'll see if it turns up on thu which would be my normal 28 day cycle. I'll start testing wed or thu depending on my will power lol
Hi everyone.

I've been trying to not stress too much this cycle but it's becoming impossible. So based on my previous cycles I was supposed to O on CD19 (last Friday) but still haven't got a strong positive on OPKs, so I'm a little frustrated (I'm now on CD22!). These long cycles are doing my head in. Been getting plenty of BD in and fingers are crossed that tomorrow will produce a positive.

Good luck to those close to testing smile
I cracked and tested this morning on the off chance I am Cd12, got a bfn as I expected lol will test every other day from now on.
5dpo...cramp, cramp, crampy!! Is it too early for that though? Also it's a bit lotiony/sticky down yonder. Hoping it's all a good sign
Hi Teachy, I had cramps 2 weeks leading up to AF and continuing for a day or so when AF arrived ... I'm assuming they started after I had ovulated but hey everyone is different and maybe this is your sign.
Think i might just be coming down with a bug rather than being preggers. Its too early to be feeling any symptoms i think
It's deserted in here!! I think I saw a tumbleweed roll on by ???? how is everyone going???
Hi Teachy - obviously not a lot happening. smile

I am still waiting for AF to visit... hopefully she forgets this month!

How are you going?
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