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TTC August 2015 Lock Rss

Congrats manic, hope that line keeps getting darker!
YAY!!!! Congrats lovely!!!! Fingers crossed for a sticky wee person and a problem free 9 months xx

How exciting!! Who is next to test?? How many DPO do you ladies start testing???
Just out of interest manic if you dont mind me asking. I remember you posted about not being sure when you O because of when you got a positive opk and you were not sure how many dpo you were, now you have a BFP do you know how when you might of O or what DPO you are?

I am on CD7 today so BD every other day at the moment. Dont need to test for O now because it has happened at the same time every cycle I dont see the point. I get the signs so will just mark it on FF as a positive on CD13 and O CD14 although I know that doesnt definitely confirm O but good enough. I think the only thing to do different is BD for longer incase I O late for whatever reason.

I go back to the drs on Monday to get blood test results and need to have dreaded pap smear done which is a good idea to get done before pregnancy. The last time was 2 years ago as remember having it done at my 6 week check with midwife after birth of youngest son so all good to get checked out. I see Naturopath next Wednesday so looking forward to that.

O is happening right when we are moving home next weekend so not sure how the BD will go but what will be will be. We have finally bought our first home in Australia so all good and maybe a new home will bring a BFP smile
thanks everyone, really trying to not get too excited until I can at least take another test and see a darker line. Last time I had the faintest of lines and they never darkened, just disappeared sad this is the darkest line I've ever had but would be much happier if it was at least as dark at the control line.

Bagpuss- I think I prob did O on the Monday (CD18), don't know why I think that, but I did test yesterday and got a BFN and if I had O'd on CD14 then yesterday would have been 14dpo and I would have been more likely to get a BNP yesterday too. Today I think I am 11dpo if I go by my OPKs.

Congrats on the new house, and I'm sure even with all the stress of the move you'll be able to fit in some BD! Your doc visit on Mon- is that the first one, or did you go already this past week?

Also interesting to note, if I did O on CD18, and we BD last on CD16, then the sperm def lived for at least two days inside me. I was upset as we didn't BD the day before O or the day of, but guess it shows the little swimmers were there waiting anyway!
Yeah it just goes to show that you dont have to BD on day of O to still catch but I do panic if we dont get the chance on that date. I am wanting to concentrate more on BD later in my cycle as that could be where we are going wrong although what I find out on Monday may change what I do. I keep thinking I may have a too short LP who knows.

Manicstarling I went to the drs Monday and explained about TTC for a while and nothing happening and just a little anxious because of how easily I have conceived in the past and I feel I am healthier and a lot happier than before so a little miffed. She explained it can take up to a year and as I am 35 at the end of the year if nothing has happened by then she can refer me so at least that is noted down. Luckily she is a good dr and understanding and was happy for me to have bloods done so she said they will be checking all the different hormones and a random glucose test, I know that will be fine as I quit sugar back in January. So she will have the results by Monday and take it from there. But I also want to speak to the naturopath as if there is an issue that can be sorted out without medication then I would rather go down that path and also she specifies in my way of eating which is low carb high fat whereas the doctor and a lot of people will be against it but only because they have a lack of understanding about it smile
Hi Ladies, so I am on CD10 and took another ovulation test. Yesterday there was no line whatsoever, now there was a very, very faint line (no where near as dark as the control line) I know that I haven't surged yet as the line as to be as dark or darker then the control line. My question is how long does it take from the first day you test to get the dark line. This is my first time testing and I only ask this as DH and I will not be able to BD until Monday. Your responses would be greatly appreciated. Oh and my previous cycle was 26 days. I don't know if this is my usual cycle length as this was my first real period since coming of the pill.
Congratulations Manic!

Mandy I'm in the same boat as you.
Im using OPKs aswell (Clearblue Dual Digitals) my last cycle was my second cycle since having the implanon removed my first cycle was the standard 28 days and last cycle was 25 days. Ive been testing every morning since CD9 and according to my app im supposed to O 23rd August which is only 2 days away and the OPKs are showing nothing sad the digital tests show a flashing smiley face about 2 days before O. This is depressing i feel stupid yelling at the stick asking where my flashy face! Pretty sure my neighbours think im going crazy.

Hey crazy mama. Last time we were ttc my opk would gradually get darker over a few days before a positive. This time around it went from no line at all, to fully positive in less than 24 hours!! And then back to negative the next day. Strange how things work!?!?

Afm, still feeling bloated, crampy and shattered. Barely slept last night which doesnt help. having nausea on and off through the last 2 days too. Boobs are sensitive (had to hold them when running at work today)

I just want to test!!

JT_22 TTC#1 cycle#3 O due 21/22 July, AF due approx 6th August
Lovablenz TTC#3, cycle 6, O due 2nd August, AF due 16th August
makalu TTC #2 cycle #2 O due 10-15 August, AF due 24-29 August (guess)
Haylsa - TTC#1 cycle #4 O due 14th Aug, AF due 29th Aug
StepMumma TTC#1, Cycle 2. O due 6th Aug, AF due Aug 20
Rhiann0n19 - TTC#3 Cycle 7, O due around 22nd of August, AF due 5th September
Crazy_mama, TTC#3, Cycle 2, O due 23rd August, AF due 3rd September.
Bagpuss - TTC#4 Cycle 5, O due 28th August, AF due 9th September
evey-vdw TTC#1 Cycle 12. O due 29th August, AF due 13th September
dejanz, TTC#1 cycle 5, O due 25th-28th August, AF due 8th September

Townsangel TTC#4 Cycle 2, O due around 27 July, AF due around 10 August
Mel357 TTC#1 cycle 7, O about 13th Aug, AF due about 28th Aug
Teachy TTC #1 cycle 1. O 13th AUg, AF due 29th Aug

Loo lou TTC #5 Cycle #2 - due around 12-04-2016
Jellybean TTC#1, cycle 4, due around 23rd April '16
Manicstarling TTC #1, cycle 4, due around 28th April
Still no flashy smiley face!
Come on O where are you?

Oh wow Teachy mayby thats the case with me cause last cycle i only did one OPK and it was a big solid smiley face and i only did the test because i was feeling off since it was my second proper cycle since impanon removal. Now i dont feel anything except a bit tingling around the nipples.....
I just want the solid smiley face so we can dtd serveral million times.

Got my solid smiley face last night and again this morning on the OPK!

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