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TTC August 2015 Lock Rss

Soooo 10 DPO, and I think we have a positive. Eek!! It didn't pop up straight away. I thought I saw a shadow and then brushed my teeth, got dressed and watched 5 or so mins of TV and when I looked at it there was a faint line!
Yay Teachy!

Omg teachy yay! When will u test again?
Probably tomorrow morning. Does it still count as positive if it showed up after a little while?? It's an Internet cheapy so no instructions on timing ect
Congrats teachy!!! For me it's CD12 and still getting negative OPKs. Maybe it won't be a 26 day cycle like last time. Not too disgruntled though as DH will be home tomorrow so there will be plenty of BD'ing when he is home and hopefully we will conceive this cycle.
How did you go this morning Teachy? Did you test again? smile
So I tested using one of the cheapies from Ebay- Negative. Still no signs of AF! :/

Congratulations to the ladies who are getting Positives!!!!! So happy for you all! smile
Got my blood test results today and had my pap test done too. All results normal so there is no reason for not getting pregnant yet so I guess I just need to stop being impatient smile I do feel a lot less anxious now I know all is ok so perhaps that means I will be lucky this cycle. Only on CD10 so O coming up this Friday.
That would be a huge relief Bagpuss80 ... fingers crossed this is your month x

CD13 and yet another negative OPK ... have only had one real cycle thus far so have no idea when I should expect it and if I even ovulate at all ...
Fingers crossed for you Bagpuss!
Hi everyone,
I'm new to this forum. DH nd me not serious before ...we dtd from tht time don't even know ovulation and all..from August thought to try seriously....

I have a mobile app called ptracker. I recorded past three months, it suggested me my average cycle length is 32. Then I bought some cheap opk from eBay and I started using them from CD10..(.actually my period ended on CD7 but we are out of town so could not have chance to test or BD)...on CD 10th negative and then on CD 11 light faint line same continued on CD 12 light line(......during that window week found some CM symtoms...we dtd almost everyday during tht window ).... aftr that no line ..... no CM stressed. Everyday i tested almost three times i thought there is some problem with ebay sticks,so i bought clearblue digital still got it's CD27. So stressed everyday. ... am I ovulated or not my next AF is due in next 6 days. My mobile says I ovulated on 15th august. I'm feelng very hungry than before is it due to stress or is it pregnecy symptoms? So lot of confussion. When ever i saw that negative test felling very stressed....Fingers crossed waiting to see what will happen. Praying god. Sorry for long dust to all of u....
So I retested and it was negative sad totally negative, not even a squinter of a line. I balled and went back to bed. (Tmi warning) Yesterday around lunch time when I went to the loo and wiped I had some stretchy cm with brown through it. I'm hoping that an implantation bleed and I'll get my positive toward to end of the week.
I have an awful cold and a throat infection so I'm quite distracted with that lol
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