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TTC August 2015 Lock Rss

Oh teachy I'm sorry sad fingers crossed it is an implantation bleed. What CD are you on?
Today is cd 24 aka 11dpo. Still early on in the game. I got a bfn with dd at 11dpo too. Had to wait another 2 days before getting a positive with her.
Well all appendages are crossed that this is your month x
Good luck Teachy! And congrats Manic smile I hope we get some more bfps soon. I'm on CD 11 so nothing very exciting happening just BDing and waiting for O.
Thanks ladies. I'm super emotional. I just had a big cry to hubby coz I feel sick... What a crazy person hey??
My fingers are still crossed for you teachy, good luck.

It's been a strange day for me. I woke up with cramps and had brown spotting at lunch time. A bit of a shock since I'm only 6dpo and AF isn't due til 2nd Sept. At first I was excited thinking it was implantation, but the cramps haven't subsided all day. The spotting is only light (looks completely different to normal AF) but there's been a few small clots (sorry tmi). Praying that when I wake up tomorrow it's all completely gone and I'm one step closer to bfp. Very confusing and a roller coaster of emotions.
Well I'm out ladies. After having every sign and symptom AF came early sad am currently having a teary sad
Teachy, I'm so sorry, it was looking so promising for you too sad
So sorry Teachy sad
I guess I'll see you on the September board smile
Soooooooooooo I just did 2 of the cheap ebay tests and they both had a faint line! Does that mean yes??? I will add a pic of the first one in my dp and you ladies can decide.
Any line if fine, if it came up in time smile lol I'm a poet. Congrats Hun xx
I am quiet confuse for taking chance 2nd time,,,during my first child i have faced a lot of quiet worried about taking risk another time...

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