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TTC August 2015 Lock Rss

jellybean hello! What’s going on? I want to join your group. It’s very helpful. this group is very helpful for the ladies who are TTC. They can find their solution of every problem they suffered. You guy are very supportive and positive. Dear! One thing more my periods duration was not regular. I’m very nervous about this. Please help me. I know this group is for solving our issues. I’ll invite others to join this group. Who are the admins of this group? Can you give me some more info about this? Thanks for creating this group. Stay blessed. And nice to meet you dear.
Wishing you all the best for your journey! It's exciting seeing others trying to conceive. I know it can get difficult too. So I'm just here to provide some emotional support and give my two cents. Keep motivated, don't lose hope. There's plenty happiness coming your way sooner or later! If things don't work out the natural way, you always have options that you shouldn't be afraid of looking into!
Hi jellybean well I'm still in July as left few days but I'm not feeling lucky this month plus as much as I don't want it I kind of need ad to come again to see how my cycles are going due to PCOS so I can check my LH to make sure I'm O'ing best of luck to you jellybean. This month hubby suggested no testing for ovulation planning in BD'ing every day on and around estimated ovulation time. Also if I can avoid pregnancy tests unless AF hasn't arrived. Trying to take the stress out of it this month. I've done the ovulation calculating so know the rough days I should be at peak. I really hope this is your month and the last of us waiting get our BFP lots of love
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