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TTC August 2015 Lock Rss

TWB means Two Weeks Behind so the first 2 weeks or so of your cycle and then once you know you have ovulated you move into the Two Week Wait between ovulation and hopefully leading to a positive pregnancy test or next period.
Hi all, just waiting to ovulate next week and trying to fill in time lol! Which got me wondering if anyone else is doing anything while ttc to keep themselves busy and distracted? The first few months my mind was 100% baby mode, but I've realised being so focussed on ttc is stressing me out and I needed some distractions. So here's what I've been doing:
Last week I tasked myself with cooking something new each day (something I haven't made before)
This week I challenged myself to go clothes shopping and not buy anything black, white or grey (90%) of my wardrobe are these 3 colours!
I also bought a piano, which I haven't picked up yet, but when I do I'd like to start playing again as it's been years.

They are only little things but they are keeping my mind busy and are a nice distraction from baby making! Would love to hear what everyone else is doing to keep busy smile
In my mind TWB stand for 'The Wait Begins' lol
AF due today, but hasn't come yet which is quite unusual cause I am very regular. Trying not to get ahead of myself, but Fx it doesn't end up coming
Wow fingers crossed Freo-girl, when are you going to test?
Welcome new ladies all the best with ttc! smile

Im on day 26 I had my peak (similar lines on the opk's) on day 20.
I'm not sure how long my cycle is so still trying to get hubby to dtd every night, my last cycle was 46days.
Before my last baby it used to be 30-33 days so I danno it must be still settling down from the marina.
Not sure when to test yet Lou Lou, DH wants to wait till 1 week after missed AF, but maybe tomorrow if AF hasn't turned up. Getting a little excited, but trying not to get my hopes up
Good luck Freo_Girl1984!
I would be testing already! LOL I admire your restraint smile wink
Good luck FreoGirl, hope you are the 1st to get a BFP on the August board. I would test tomorrow if AF doesnt turn up and you are sure of your dates smile

I got my solid smiley today ( CD 13) which I knew I would so all systems go again. Got 2 fat pink lines on the cheap opk too so expecting O by this time tomorrow. Going to BD for the next 5 days to cover things as last cycles have been stopping at CD15 so that may be where we are going wrong who knows. Feeling positive for 2 weeks time smile
So bagpuss80 with Opk's once you get a positive line then the next day is O day?
I'm confused at what the positive meant I thought it meant that day but then I see someone on her was like the following days?
Are your cycles quite short bagpuss?
So today I got my period for the first time since going off the pill. It's all happening now!!
Hi all!
Welcome to the newbies! Good luck everyone for this month!!
TWB to me is 'two weeks before' lol hadn't heard of the others for TWB...
When I get on the computer tomorrow, I'll drag my list of acronyms across for everyone.

Afm - I used digital OPK this month for the first time, in conjunction with my eBay cheapies. Not feeling the digital one and think I wasted my money tbh! I'm on cd16 (o'd today). Cd12 & 13 I got just circle, then cd 14 I got solid smiley. No flashing smiley at all. Have been Dtd every day anyway. With my internet cheapies I only had a faint second line when my digi was solid, then rhis morning (couple days later) I got my two solid big fat lines on the cheapies... I don't know... I did test late at night with the digi, which I'm thinking might be the problem. The booklet said to do it FMU lol but people have said later in the day is better.
Anyway, tomorrow I'll move myself into the TWW, until then I'll keep bd'ing for the next couple days. smile
Hoping this is a great month for all of us!!
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