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TTC August 2015 Lock Rss

Thank you Bagpuss80. So far so good just still some light brown spotting smile
Just waiting to O at the minute, am CD 14 and still no positive OPK. Am hoping il get a positive tomorrow, but I normally O CD 14-15 so it's odd I've not had a positive yet. Been getting a bit of BD in so am not too worried. Just have to wait and see!
Oh and I also find out next Tuesday if I'll still have a job, company is undergoing a restructure and my team will be told next week, so that's hanging over me too!
So AF come today right after having some killer cramps sad
On to the next cycle!
Just updating:

JT_22 TTC#1 cycle#3 O due 21/22 July, AF due approx 6th August
Lovablenz TTC#3, cycle 6, O due 2nd August, AF due 16th August
Loo lou TTC #5 Cycle #2 - AF due Mid August
makalu TTC #2 cycle #2 O due 10-15 August, AF due 24-29 August (guess)
Haylsa - TTC#1 cycle #4 O due 14th Aug, AF due 29th Aug
Mel357 TTC#1 cycle 7, O due about 15th Aug, AF due about 29th Aug
Teachy TTC #1 cycle 1. O due around 14th AUg, AF due 29th Aug
StepMumma TTC#1, Cycle 2. O due 6th Aug, AF due Aug 20
Rhiann0n19 - TTC#3 Cycle 7, O due around 22nd of August, AF due 5th September

Bagpuss80 TTC #4 Cycle 4, O due 2nd August AF due 14th August
Townsangel TTC#4 Cycle 2, O due around 27 July, AF due around 10 August
Jellybean TTC#1, cycle 4, O due 2nd Aug, AF due 14th Aug
Crazy_mama TTC#3, cycle 1, O 29th July, AF due 12th August.

So sorry Rhiann019 about AF sad
Sorry to hear Rhiann019! Good luck and fx for next cycle! xx

I'm just going crazy here in the TWW lol, thinking of testing on Monday which'll be 8dpo.
Bagpuss, when are you going to start testing? your on a similar cycle to myself

Loveablenz, where are you? Hope you're going alright too?!
xxcourt92xx, Welcome!
Totally up to you and if and when you are ready to start trying again! If you both aren't ready then don't get it taken out yet. Get it taken out when you are ready. If you think you'll be ready in the next month or two, you could always get it taken out now and either just use condoms while you're cycle starts to get back to normal. You could always do the 'Not trying, not preventing' method too, but just be wary, you could get pregnant first cycle as your hormones tend to be a bit higher just coming off contraceptive. So if you're not ready for that, take the action you need lol.
I had the implant(s) for the last 12 years. My last one was due to come out last July, and i got it taken out and i went on the pill as we weren't ready to start trying. We were getting married November and i wasn't sure how my hormones and skin were going to react going off any contraception (been on the pill before implant and after, so total of 14 years on contraception. Im 29 now) I went off the pill in April and we have been ttc since.
Good luck Jellybean, hope this is your month smile

No, I am not testing before AF is due which is next Friday so only a week to go. As my cycle is regular I dont feel there is any point in testing early, had too many BFN now so cant be doing with the disappointment. Didnt think it was going to take this long.
CD 15 for me and still no positive OPK, am wondering whether I just missed my surge. I have EWCM at the moment, so I may O over the next few days, but that would be late for me, just need to wait and see
I'm on CD 21 and started feeling these strange cramp/pulling/twinge directly behind my bellybutton. Has anyone else experienced a pulling feeling behind/around their belly button??
Hi All,

I am new to the forum and to posting smile
This is my first month TTC and I am now 3 days late.
I tested at lunch time today and got a BFN. I used a pregnosis test and have since read online that they are pretty unreliable. Does anyone have any experience with them?
I am trying to be patient and just wait a few more days to see if AF turns up but I am normally very regular so this is unusual. Not sure if I should try another brand?
Any advice would be appreciated. This whole TTC thing is a little overwhelming!
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