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Implant removal and TTC Lock Rss

Just a couple of questions to anyone out there who has been in a similar situation that I am in at the moment.
I have had my implanon removed a week ago now and was just wondering how long it took anyone else to get some form of AF. I had last night some spotting and was super excited for the first time in my life to think that AF was coming knowing that it meant that me and my partner would be able to start to TTC and have some form of normality back into my system but woke up this morning with no sign of AF even being there...
I have 2 DS's now to my ex and my SO has no children of his own, we desperately want to start trying ASAP not knowing how long it could take so that we can have our own little Bub before my youngest turns 10.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated

I had my implanon removed 1st July and had spotting on the 15th-16th July. I was feeling off a few weeks later and did an OPK and it came back + so according to my app the spotting was my first AF since removal.

Hope this helps. smile

Hi thanks for your reply... Still no show of AF here and it is silently doing my head in...
When you had your implanon removed did you have pregnancy symptoms?
The last 2 days I could have sworn I was pregnant! All the signs are there... Tested and got a BFN but I guess that was to be expected because even if I am pregnant it would be crazy early days...
That's amazing how quick your body has gone back to some form of normality.... It gives me hope smile
Hi i got my implanon out then 4 weeks later was at the hospital booking in for surgery when they asked when my last period was, i hadnt had one for 6 months due to being on implanon and still hadnt got one in the 4 weeks since getting it removed so they done a preg test and a blood test and i was 3 weeks pregnant. So you dont need to get a period to fall pregnant...i am now 12 weeks pregnant with baby number 9 smile
I sure did about 2 weeks after removal so i bought an OPK test and i was actually ovulating for the first time since removal.

Thank you ladies for confirming that I am indeed not going crazy!
I will go test and see if I am infact ovulating:)
Hi ladies,
I'm TTC#2 I haven't yet had the implant removed as my partner wants to start trying in Oct. I'm not sure I'm if should get it removed now to allow my body to return back to normal as I've had the rod in for over 2years. Any suggestions?
from what I have read the sooner you take it out the better especially if you want to TTC... October is only 2 months away now.. It will give your body a chance to get back to normal.. I have had mine out for 16 long days and still now sign of AF and originally we were going to wait until next year to start trying... I just wanted to let my body naturally get back into the swing of things... Hope this helps smile
How did you go me+you+2 with the OPK test?

Got my little smiling face... Still getting the smile now though too... How long does it normally give a positive result for? I'll keep testing and keep DTD... It can't hurt right? wink
Thanks darl. We've decided to get it removed on Sunday to allow my body to return to Its normal cycle. Hope everything is working out for you all with TTC smile
Woohooo! I only had one day of smiley face i think its because i caught the last day. Let me know your result we didn't make a baby on our first cycle but i didnt expect to fall pregnant instantly anyway!
Good luck hope you have caught that eggy!

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