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TTC after coming off Levelen ED Lock Rss

Hi, I am starting this forum to find out other women's experiences with TTC after coming off Levelen ED. I was on Levelen ED for nearly 10 years and this is my first time TTC. What symptoms did you have (if any)? How long did it take for you to conceive? Please share your experiences (good or bad).
Hi my last bub was after coming off levelen. I'd been on it for about 5 years and stopped at the end off a packet (ie after the sugar pills I just stopped). I had the usual withdrawal bleed from the sugar pills and then my cycle started up completely normal/regular straight away. I stopped end of December and had one normal cycle then fell pregnant in February.

I was told by my doctor that what happens when you stop levelen depends on what your cycle was like before you started it. If your cycle was regular and you use it purely for contraception it's likely you'll become fertile immediately. However if before levelen you had irregular cycles (ie you used it more for cycle control) then it's likely to be irregular after stopping and you may or may not be fertile.

Hope that helps.
I was on Levlen ED also before I fell pregnant with bub no 2. I had been on it for 6 years after the birth of my first child. I stopped the pill in November 2013 and I actually had an ovarian cyst rupture due to stopping pill (as they are used to treat ovarian cysts) so obviously the pill was controlling the cyst keeping it from rupturing but when I came off it I was hospitalised with ruptured cyst, but that doesn't mean it will happen to you, just sharing my experiance, anyhow after recovering from that (took a good few weeks) I continued to try get pregnant but wasnt having any periods so I don't think I was ovulating, my body was all out of whack from the pill and ovarian cyst rupturing and confused i think, it took me a full 12 months to recieve a normal period again, and after that first real period I fell pregnant. So it took me a year to conceive after coming off levelen. Took my body a long time to adjust to not being on the pill and only having artificial periods while on it. But never the less I have a beautiful 9 week old boy now, it just took me a while to get him.
Since giving birth to him I've gone back on the levelen, I'm hoping I won't have the same problems trying to conceive when the time is right, I didn't really think that one thru!

I was on levelen ed for 6 yrs when I decided to stop I think I was in the middle of the sheet and I fell pregnant that month actually that day as weird as it was but 6 weeks later I had an ectopic and I also have pcos which I think the pills where helping it as I never knew I had pcos until 4-5 months after my recovery when i started trying again and I'm still trying but I never had any symptoms or bleeding 2 weeks after I stopped I got my normal period which is also why I didn't know i was pregnant
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