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Ovulation or Implantation Lock Rss

Hi, I am currently on CD19 and this is my first time TTC after coming off the pill. I have no idea how long my cycle is, whether I am regular or irregular (I have been on the pill for 10 years). Since CD15 my nipples have been VERY sensitive and my left boob has been generally sore, right boob not so much. On CD18 and 19 I have been experiencing twinges/cramps on the right hand side of my uterus that literally last a couple of seconds then disappear as fast as they came on. I have probably experienced 7-10 of these since last night. Could these be symptoms of implantation or a sign of ovulation? We have been BD'ing nearly every night since CD8 only missing CD12-13 and CD16-17. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms and ended up with BFP?
Just bumping your post, so you will hopefully get a couple of replies smile
Sounds like it could be ovulation more than pregnancy. When I came off the pill, I didn't ovulated until around day 19.
Just keep bd'ing every day or two to cover all your basis, then wait for your period. You could always take a pregnancy test now, if it's negative, keep bd'ing, and then test again in a week or so.
Thanks Jellybean2b maybe your right... i have just started bleeding so I think AF has arrived ... unless it's implantation bleeding but I think there was too much blood for it to be implantation bleeding ... although it was very light red instead of the usual brown for me so I don't know (sorry TMI) ...
Implantation I've heard is just a light brown discharge/smear on your undies. Nothing like AF.
If it's AF, at least you know now for following cycles. I bought cheap OPK's off ebay which detect when you ovulate. Came in handy, because like you, i was on the pill/implant for 10years+ and i had no idea how my cycle was going to go! I thought i ovulated earlier than i actually did and i missed the surge/ovulation in my first cycle. My first cycle was 32 days, went down to 25 days the next, 29 days for last, and this cycle now would have been 28 days (but just found out this morning i am preg) So they do help, and i recommend getting some. I got about 50 opk + 10 preg tests for about $12 shipped to me. Took less than a week to get to me from within Aus.
Hope this helps =)
Yeah definitely AF then. A little disappointed but hey it's only my first cycle and like you said at least I know now for following cycles smile. A huge congratulations to you on your BFP. I think I might invest in some of the cheapies (have got 4 digital preg tests but am reluctant to use those willy nilly as they are expensive!) as symptom spotting is of no help lol. Hopefully my hormones balance out and I can get my BFP in the next couple of months. Good luck with your pregnancy and congratulations again.
Have just bought 50 OPK and 20 Preg Tests for 13 bucks smile ready for cycle 2 .. x crossed I ovulate this month.
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