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Vitex, Evening Primrose Oil, Raspberry Leaf Tea Questions Lock Rss

I have started taking Vitex, EPO and RLT capsules in an effort to improve my fertility.
I'm completely confused about how long to take them all :/
I've read on here that a lot of mums take it until ovulation and then stop- but on the information ive been able to read, it says its safe to take all through the cycle.....???
Can someone please tell me the best way to go?
Thanks smile
I'm on day 6 of my cycle.
Began taking Vitex, EPO and Raspberry Leaf tea capsules on day one.
My period was shorter than usual (about one day shorter- finished on day 3). Not sure if this is from the Vitex...

Today, I am spotting!??? Has anyone else experienced this? As you know, this is a very weird time of the cycle to be spotting.
Does the Vitex change your cycle or something????
Vitex messed with my cycle and I O'd 4 days late last month, and I normally always O regularly. However I ended up getting pg that month so I cant complain! I took EPO and Vitex that month. I stopped EPO after I and moved onto fish Oil and I kept with vitex until I got a BFP, then stopped
Thanks for replying manicstarling smile
Congratulations on your pregnancy- wonderful news! smile

I am on day 18 and a few days ago I experienced my typical migraine and nausea that seems to preempt ovulation and yesterday I had the really sharp stabbing pain that I'm assuming is the egg trying to burst through my cystic ovaries so I'm hopeful that it knocked a day off my cycle. (I ovulated on day 17/18 last month). Fingers crossed Vitex will work for me as well as it did for you! I might take a slightly lower dose of Vitex for the next few weeks, and stop the RLT and EPO altogether.

Thanks for sharing your story! And best wishes for a smooth and trouble free pregnancy smile
I have just found out I am pregnant and totally recommend Preseed do not use as much as it says and use about 30mins before sex. Also fish oil capsules. First month using these after trying for five years smile
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