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TTC September 2015 Lock Rss

Starting up the September thread as August is coming to an end!


Crazy_mama - TTC#3, Cycle#2, O 23rd August, AF due 3rd September.


Abbreviations list as follows:
TTC - Trying to conceive
TWB - Two weeks before
TWW - Two week wait
FRER - First Response Earl Response (referring to preg test)
OPK's - Ovulation predictor Kit's
B'ding/dtd - Baby Dancing/doing the deed
O - Ovulating
AF - Aunt Flo (your period)
Fx - Fingers crossed
DPO - Days post ovulation
DD - Dear Daughter
DS - Dear Son
DH - Dear Husband
DP - Dear partner
OH - Other Half
CM - Cervical Mucus
EWCM - Egg White Cervical Mucus
CD - Cycle Day
BFN - Big Fat Negative
BFP - Big Fat Positive
NTNP - Not trying, not preventing
EPO - Evening Primrose Oil
FMU - First Morning Urine/wee

Oh I just saw this! LOL
I'll take my post down and join in here smile

townsangel TTC#4 cycle 3, O due around 29 Aug, AF due around 12 Sept


Hahaha i shouldve told people in the August group that i had started the September one. All good.

townsangel TTC#4 cycle 3, O due around 29 Aug, AF due around 12 Sept

Crazy_mama, TTC#2 Cycle 2, O 23rd August, AF due 3rd September


I cant work out how to remove my post :/
Sorry if you've already posted this in the August board, but did you ovulate today? Its such an exciting time (the fertile period) and always much more hopeful when you can confirm ovulation actually took place! smile

I am on day 9 and have been taking Vitex, EPO and RLT capsules. I'm hoping with all my fingers and toes crossed that I will ovulate this month smile
I think if I don't manage to fall pregnant this month, it might be then end of our dreams to have a fourth baby as my sister has her wedding next year and I wont be able to travel when I'm heavily pregnant or with a newborn (in addition to 3 children). So there's a bit of extra pressure but I'm really trying to concentrate on other things and let fate decide smile

Lets hope this is our month! smile
Sure am! OPK came positive last night after a week of negatives so im guessing my LH levels arent strong enough to detect up until O.
Dont know if we will manage DTD ive been curled up in pain from cramps from O which is weird they are coming in waves like contractions, BUT im going to try and push through it tonight.

Im going for #3 i have 2 girls from two separate relationships and this will be DP first child so we are hoping for a boy and then i think im done. But i have my fingers and toes crossed for you smile

Hi ladies. I'm in for September after taking August off. To introduce my self, I'm a mum of a 21 month old boy and we'd love a second child. I've been ntnp for about 6 months and now had 2 cycle actively TTC (plus another ntnp last month due to too many life stresses moving house). We probably don't have a high chance of getting a BFP any time soon as DS is still breastfeeding which we're trying to cut back but with limited success.

My cycles still aren't regular after bub #1 (they came back at 14 months so I think the breastfeeding is still messing them up) so I'll add myself to the list when AF shows up as until then I have no idea of even rough dates (I suspect it'll be sometime later this week)
Hi Makalu!

Hope you get to see a BFP soon.

Well DP are I BD last night and this morning he got a phone call from his "Boss" (hes a subcontractor) telling him he has 3 weeks before they have no work for him. Stress levels are sky high now.

Oh no Crazymama! That's awful news :/ Hopefully he is able to find more work before the end of this job. I wish you well with it.
Try not to stress ( I know- impossible!) I'm sure it will be ok smile

I completely understand your yucky ovulation symptoms. I had terrible migraine and nausea last month. Seems like a real quirk of nature (and procreation of the species) that you're in your fertile window and cant think of anything worse than DTD! wink LOL

I've been reading about Vitex and a lot of ladies have said that it helped them ovulate sooner- I really hope that's true! I'm so hopeful that a) I ovulate this month and b) I fall pregnant!!! smile
Sprinkling baby dust to all!!!! smile
Hi ladies, I'm back for a 3 month. Good news though, I have gone and order pre seed and more opks. I think I will ovulate around the 4th of sep. Really wanting it to be our turn this month. This will be our first:) any one else using pre seed? Any reviews on it, other that the crazy price.
Joining September

townsangel TTC#4 cycle 3, O due around 29 Aug, AF due around 12 Sept
Mandy2015 TTC#1 cycle 2, O due around 24 Aug, AF due around 7 September

Crazy_mama, TTC#2 Cycle 2, O 23rd August, AF due 3rd September

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