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  5. Hard white stuff coming out of montgomery glands. Early pregnancy symptom???

Hard white stuff coming out of montgomery glands. Early pregnancy symptom??? Lock Rss

So I'm CD22 and last night after I had a shower I had hard white stuff protruding from my Montgomery glands on my areola. Now I'm aware of these glands and have had white stuff come out before (like a pimple) but usually it is only one ... last night nearly all of the glands around my nipples had this hard white stuff popping out. Has anyone else experienced this and got a BFP. I have not tested as I know it is early and want to wait until my period is due. Please help! Any experience welcome!

PS the white stuff has since disappeared.
Just bumping your post so you will hopefully get a few helpful answers smile

All the best,
Huggies Moderator

Have you recently stopped breastfeeding? Or come off the pill?
I stopped breastfeeding about a year ago and went off the pill about 4 months ago: around that time I noticed white pin prick sized lumps in my nipples and I am able to squeeze a few drops of milk out....
I'm putting it down to all the hormonal changes from stopping the pill etc etc

Not really much help for you, but that's my (similar) experience smile
No to breastfeeding as this is my first time TTC ... yes to stopping the pill ...

I have put it down to hormones and have noticed that they only start coming out when I have a hot shower ...happened again last night and this morning (a little bit) ... It could all be very normal for me and I have never noticed it before (It's funny how little we take notice of our body when we AREN'T TTC)...
I am pretty sure this is very normal, when I was pregnant it started happening more, I am sure I read online it has been linked to a better milk production once breastfeeding smile , I would not worry. But def do not try and squeeze the white stuff out as can be damaging.
Thank you both for your comments smile and will not be squeezing them ... My nipples already hurt just touching could not imagine if I squeezed them
And actually come to think of it that and sore boobs were my first symptoms when I got pregnant! sounds promising! goodluck (:
Thank you x
im pretty sure its keratin; build up of dead skin cells in the ducts of your nipples. =]
I always get it. =]
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