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TTC #1.. The journey begins! Lock Rss

Hello ladies! I am new here and just looking for some fellow TTC ladies to share my journey with!

First of all, I guess a little background info. I do not intend for this to be a million miles long, but it probably will be, so kudos if you get through this without losing interest!

I am 29 and hubby is 37. We have been together since June 1st 2002 and married since May 2013!
We have been "not trying but not preventing" for the most part of 10 years, and I have been having all sorts of problems with my cycles for the past 5ish years. We're finally in a place where we are 100% ready for a baby so we've really started looking into getting my problems fixed.

The main one started around a year and a half ago. For the most part of that time, I was just bleeding almost constantly. My periods were pretty much backwards - i'd bleed for most of the month and get a few days off sporadically. I had been to gp's and gyno's all over town and couldn't find any that were REALLY interested in helping me. I found a local gyno that I thought would be the answer to my problems, but she and I just did not click. She was rude and pushy and judgemental, and after my first visit, I was so uncomfortable with her that I really didn't want to see her again.

Fast forward to June this year. I made an appointment with a gyno in Sydney, which is 3 hours from me (i'm in Bathurst). I was so nervous about my first visit because of all of the trouble i'd had with the previous ones, but let me tell you, I have never been more comfortable with a doctor in my life. He was super professional yet super laid back, and he was very interested in finding out the cause of my problems and fixing them, and getting us on the road to our ultimate goal of having a baby.

So he did a pap smear on the day because thankfully my period was super light that day and he was able to do it without any problems. Gentle is a total understatement. I absolutely dread pap smears because they are always so painful for me and I end up cramping for hours afterwards, but I barely felt anything during, and I had no cramping afterward. Little victory right there!

He ordered some bloodwork which I had done in his pathology before I left. He also ordered an ultrasound which I was able to do back home. The pap smear came back normal (WOOT) and the bloodwork showed that I was anemic (obviously) and that my progesterone was low. We also confirmed PCOS, which i'd been told I had by one local doctor and told I didn't have by another local doctor. The ultrasounds showed I had a thickened endometrial lining (20mm) and he said that is the reason i'm bleeding all the time.

He put me on a cycle of Provera 10mg 2x a day for 10 days to stop the bleeding (which was AMAZING) and then induce a withdrawal bleed (which was NOT amazing.. holy crap) to shed out the excess lining. That lasted for 11 days and then I had some light spotting for a couple of days after and then it stopped entirely. Oh my god! After a year and a half of constantly bleeding, that was pretty much all I knew. It has been SO nice to wear underwear and pants that are any other colour than black or dark blue. It's wonderful being able to go to friends houses (or just go out in general) without having to worry about flooding and the embarrassment that comes with it.

Then, due to the PCOS, my period never came back. Lol. I spent so long trying to get it to stop, then it refused to return haha. One extreme to the other! Back in my late teens/early 20's when I actually had periods, I had a pretty regular 30-32 day cycle. Well, the break from bleeding had been lovely but when it got to CD38 and still no sign of AF ever showing up (normal pre-AF symptoms for me were back/belly aches and cramps) I contacted my gyno and asked him what I should do. My blood drawn on CD21 indicated that I hadn't ovulated (which I figured), so he told me to do another cycle of Provera (dreeeading that) but he also sent me a prescription for Clomid.

Before I started bleeding constantly, I was getting periods very irregularly and I brought up the possibility of Clomid with the doctor I was seeing at that time. She refused to let me have a go at it because my BMI was too high. I lost a few kg and asked her about it again but she still refused. So the whole concept of Clomid was just a distant fantasy and I never thought i'd get to try it. My current gyno said that my BMI is a tad high but he's not going to deny me the opportunity to try clomid because of it. I am actively working toward losing more weight because that will help my PCOS and it's just a healthy way to be, but I am eternally grateful that my doctor is not using it as an excuse to deny me fertility drugs.

So I take my last dose of provera next Thursday, and I take 50mg of clomid on CD1-5. I also go for a blood test on CD21 to check my progesterone levels to see if I ovulated. I plan to use OPK's and monitor CM. I can't temp because my sleep schedule is so erratic, which is a bit of a bummer, but i'm hopeful that the OPK's and cm will tell me what I want to know!

I am really excited to be finally ACTUALLY starting my ttc journey! Providing the clomid works for me (fingers crossed really really tight tongue) I will actually be in the 2ww soon! I am absolutely dreading the provera period but I really hope it will be worth it in the end lol.

So that's the end of my novel. I'm so sorry it turned out so freaking long lol. Good job if you managed to get through it all! Baby dust to all!
Welcome Lisa345
You've been through so much! What a long journey! Hopefully you will be successful with the Clomid and your pregnancy journey is just around the corner smile

There is a TTC September thread that you can join which is a great forum for sharing experiences with other ladies who are also on the TTC Rollercoaster (I'm one of them) smile

Good luck next week!
Welcome and congrats on finally feeling like you're at a point where ttc might actually be possible smile
Just to put the idea out there... Has your partner / hubby had a sperm analysis done? Since it sounds like you have yourself sorted out now it might just be worth getting his swimmers checked... Just an idea to contemplate smile best of luck!
Thanks ladies!

Hubby had his swimmers tested not too long ago (another test courtesy of my new gyno.. None of the other doctors ever even brought it up) and the results were much much better than we expected. He was injured in that area playing sports in highschool and he had a sperm analysis done in 2005 and it was quite low. But the recent analysis and repeat analysis (dr recommended he do 2) confirmed that he is definitely not low. Motility could use a little work but dr doesn't think the slight decrease in motility will have much effect on his fertility, but if in 6 months all of my tests are ok and the clomid is working but we're still not falling pregnant he will refer us to a FS to talk about where to go from there smile

Fingers crossed everything goes well for us with just the clomid though!
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