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If you've done IVF, what is some advice you'd give to someone starting on their journey? Rss

We'd love to hear from you...doing IVF can be a very daunting and challenging process. Is there anything you'd wish you'd known that may have made the process easier for you?
It's great to see more people talking about IVF and providing more support for those under going IVF. I have undergone 2 cycles of IVF, now have a toddler. I currently doing an IVF cycle for baby number 2 after a failed FET. My tips are make sure you take someone with you to all the important appointments, take a list of questions you want to ask and make sure you understand the process. With the injections try not to work yourself up about it. They really don't hurt that much, the more you stress out and worry about it the more painful they will feel to you. Try and relax when you are doing them. Also during the process try to have an activity that you enjoy doing so you can have some relaxation time and help keep you calm and relaxed. Drink plenty of water and try to eat as healthy as you can. Think about trying acupuncture, there is research to show this can help improve your chances and it's very relaxing. There are acupuncturist that specialize in fertility. Talk to your partner about how you feel, these hormones can have a big effect on your body and your emotions as can the whole process. Try to not get stress or have big events happening well undergoing IVF. As for work it's good if you have a supportive boss, if this isn't the class ask your clinic for a sick leave certificate if you feel you need it. The egg collection can be painful so plan to have some time off from work for a couple of days post egg collection. As for egg numbers it's quality that counts so don't be disheartened if you only get a small number of eggs it only takes one embryo to work. The day of transfer take it easy, I didn't do best rest and my 2nd cycle worked. The 2WW, don't not POAS! I did the morning of my beta for my 2nd cycle so I could be prepared for the news. I got a BFP. My first cycle I POAS for 7dpt and wish I hadn't as all BFN and it just stressed my out and made me feel rubbish. Be prepared that it might not work, the majority of 1st cycles don't. By the 2nd cycle they have a better understanding of how your body reacts to the drugs. If it doesn't work meet with your specialist to discuss and don't blame yourself or your partner. There are lots of reasons for failure. Well hope this gives a little insight and understanding for those about to start the process.
Personally I found IVF a lot more relaxing than any of the other fertility treatments we tried because it completely took it out of my hands.
Do your research. Find a clinic that suits your needs. Do tours, ask questions, meet different specialists. You will have a lot of contact with these people, so you need to make sure they're what you need for your journey.
I would definitely recommend you concentrate on your own health, make sure you are eating healthy, getting lots of rest, and exercising. I found yoga and acupuncture to be absolutely wonderful during my cycles.
If it is just you an your partner, take some time out for a weekend away during the two week wait, or if you have other children get some quality family time in. Remind yourself of the beautiful things you already have in your life.
Decide early on if you feel comfortable sharing your journey with others or if you'd prefer to keep your informed circle small.
Make sure that you communicate with your partner. Lean on each other.
DO. NOT. DR GOOGLE. Just step away from the keyboard. There are so many forums and blogs our there with so many different degrees of information, you will only manage to drive yourself crazy. Refer all your questions to your nurses or fertility specialist. Believe me, no question is too weird, they've probably heard it before.
Egg collection is scary, but you'll find the actual procedure is a lot less scary than you have made up in your head. Be prepared for some pain, and be ready to take it easy for a couple of days. Some women bounce right back, others don't. Listen to your body. Also realise that the number of eggs collected really don't mean anything. All it takes is one embryo, just one. I had small numbers, but they were healthy and made it to freezing. You have no control over how many eggs you will get, so don't put too much pressure on yourself.
You will probably be surprised at how simple the transfer is. My partner and I felt like they'd missed something (after all we'd been through that tiny procedure couldn't possibly be it!). Take it easy on the day of transfer. Each clinic has different procedures on what they would rather you do, some recommend bed rest for a few hours, mine just asked me not to go lifting heavy things or running marathons. Treat yourself to something nice on the day, you've gone through a lot, you deserve it.
The two week wait is hard. It's totally up to you if you decide to do home pregnancy tests, but remember that you may still have HCG in your system if it was a fresh cycle, and that, more often than not, you'll be testing too early anyway. The blood test is more reliable.
Most of all, be gentle with yourself, try to let go and let things happen as they will. Most likely you have already been through a lot to get to the point of IVF, you deserve your own kindness.
I have undergone 2 IVF cycles, with the second one being very recent.

The best advice I can give and my experience is don't work yourself up over the whole process. Their will be a nurse that will guide you the whole way through, and they are always their if you need to ask any questions. With my first egg collection and fresh transfer I was stressed and it did my embryo and me no good. I was tense, and constantly stressing of this and that. Unfortunately I had a chemical pregnancy with that one. With the second transfer I had a frozen embryo transfer 18 days ago and its very early at the moment (4w4d) but I have a positive pregnancy. But the one thing I did different for this round was ride the wave. I didn't stress about making sure I took my injections at the right time, and stress about hope it takes, or financial issues if this was to fail. You need to be at peace (body/mind) before you do the cycle otherwise the outcome you long for will just take longer.

I see from my support network around me, they are all stressed and worrying about things going wrong, and I am still really calm and relaxed about the whole thing and feeling great about it all. Like Lawlz said, the injections really don't hurt but if you stress or panic about doing them, they will hurt. Just think you are doing this for the end result a child.

Another thing for me is listen to your body. Your body will tell you when you are ready. I was pushing myself for 3.5 years and this year I had 8 months of just relaxing and doing things for me and finally I was listening to my body and it was the right time for me.

I wish you all the best in your journey with IVF.
My husband and I were devastated when we found out that we had a less than 5% chance of having a baby on our own. We had always dreamed of having a family but after trying for nearly 3 years with nothing happening it was time to get some help. It was discovered that i had 2 blocked tubes. We went to Fertility Associates who discussed our options. After learning the public waiting list is nearly 2 years long we began a frantic saving scheme. In November of last year we started our first round of ivf. The support we received from the clinic was amazing. The injections are not as bad as you think they are. My husband was with me for every jab just to support me. On egg retrival day i was excited that we were about to take the next step in the journey. The best advice i have is do not stress yourself out, be kind to yourself and take some time out for you and your partner away from Ivf. It can take over your life. This cycle we had 2 viable eggs left by day 5. One was put back in but unfortunately it did not take and the other one did not make it. This was such an emotional time. You know that there are no guarantees with ivf but it is devastating. Talk to your partner as he is probably just as devastated as you are.
In April of this year after more serious saving we went back for round 2. A lot easier this time around. No more of the unknown. The drugs were increased which led to more eggs being retrieved. This time around i took time off work after retrival, had accupuncture leading up to egg retirval and on the day. I also had read to eat pineapple every day for 5 days after the retrival. Apparently the core contains something that helps. I am not sure if it was any of these things but we had one embryo put back in and are now 28 weeks pregnant. Our little bundle is due on Christamas Eve and what an amazing Christmas present. I think the best advice i can give is just dont give up. Dont let ivf take over your life. It can put a strain on relationships so try and have some sort of normality.
If you are thinking of doing ivf or are going through ivf i wish you all the best for this journey.
I would like to highlight how important it is to support your partner when going through the whole process. From finding the right clinic to talking to your consultant and deciding on what treatment you'd opt and all other processes, you need to be together during this phase. As some women find it stressful and also are depressed when things don't work well or if the IVF cycle fails. It is very important, that you are able to stay positive through everything and you support each other.
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