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PCOS provera metformin and clomid Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I'm 29, my husband and I are TCC baby number 1! I have super irregular periods (once everyone 3-4months) and found I have PCOS. I had my first consultation with my gyno last week. He had prescribed me Provera, Metformin and Clomid.

Has anyone been prescribed these three before? And what order did you take them in? I asked my nurse and she's asking my doctor for me. Just waiting for their reply! Made sense at the time. But after I've purchased the meds seems daunting and confusing having them in front of me!

I want the best chances so dont want to be taking them incorrectly!

Hoping someone out there is just starting the same journey as me smile
I believe the provera is to kickstart your period.... i think...

I have pcos and was prescribed metformin. I was pregnant within weeks of taking it.

So i think (in my humble uneducated opinion), you would use provera to get a period (if you havent had one in months) and then meformin for a certain amount of time and then clomid if youre not successful.

Obviously, every case is different and you should confirm your doctors instructions- but thats how it sounds to me smile
Good luck
Congratulations!! The nurse got back to me and said yeah provera for 10days to start my period, clomid days 5-9 of period and metformin start right now and keep taking it ongoing. I got repeat prescriptions of metformin and clomid to last 4 months, no extra for i hope metformin alone will work to give me a period monthly so I can calculate my ovulation.

Can't wait to start this all and hopefully have a positive outcome like yours!
Hi Suzz!

I am 29 and have PCOS as well. My periods have pretty much always been screwy, but a year and a half ago I started bleeding and it decided not to stop. I was bleeding for the majority of the month with maybe a few days break here and there. After going through several gp's and gyno's who all just did blood tests and then palmed me off to someone else, in June this year I finally found a gyno that was interested in actually helping me, and he diagnosed and treated my issue after just one visit. Turns out I had a 20mm uterine lining which was causing me to bleed all the time.

He put me on Provera 10mg twice a day for 10 days to first stop the bleeding and then induce a withdrawal bleed after my last pill, to shed out my excess lining. It arrived a week after my last dose, and lasted for 11 grueling days (heavy is the biggest understatement in the world) with 2 days of spotting afterwards, and that was it! No more bleeding.

Only problem was.. My PCOS became apparent (new gyno also confirmed this as i'd been told I do have it and then told I don't have it by my previous doctors) and my period never came back. On CD38 I called him and asked what he wants me to do. I did not ovulate in that cycle. So, Provera came back into play to bring on my period. This time I did the normal dose of 10mg once a day for 10 days, and again my period came a week after my last pill. It lasted for 7 days (normal length, YAY!!!) with 2 days of spotting afterward, just like last time. He also put me on Clomid 50mg which I took on CD1-5. I am now on CD13 and waiting (hoping) to ovulate soon!

He did not put me on metformin though. He said it wasn't necessary in my case. He wants me to lose some weight and see if that helps regulate my cycles (if I don't fall pregnant that is), which I really need to do anyway, he just gave me the extra little push I needed to get motivated lol.

DH and I have been "not trying/not preventing" for approx 10 years with nothing but a random chemical pregnancy at the beginning of July that had no chance of sticking because of my thickened uterine lining. Now that my main issues are sorted out I am actually on the TTC journey and i'm really excited!

I'll be stalking this thread so keep us updated on how you go with your medication!

Also.. Sorry this turned into such a novel!
I took clomid and metformin as I have PCOS. So two beautiful boys as a result. Both times I got pregnant on second cycle of clomid.
So glad I found and got Clomid and Metformin smile with coupon code 'GET10'. Just found they have provera, that's great!
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