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TTC - Anovulation Lock Rss

I am new here and looking for a bit of advice

I stopped taking Norimin at the end of April - 29th April - had been on it for approx 5-6 years. Stopped taking it after my sugar pills (so got a bleed at the normal time of taking the sugar pills). I then had another bleed (guessing withdrawal bleed) on the 14th May 2015. I missed my period in June then had another July 21st. I haven't had a period since then so going on four months now!

I have had all my hormones checked etc. Testosterone levels fine, HbA1c fine. I had a pelvic ultrasound and a transvaginal ultrasound done privately which was normal except for multiple follicles on my ovaries. The GP said she cannot officially diagnose me with PCOS because my biochemistry (bloods) are fine.

I have been TTC for nearly seven months with no period for four months. I am getting so frustrated seeing all my friends getting pregnant etc. I have been taking Vitex since July, i have also been taking Evening Primrose oil and folic acid. I started taking Maca lately too.

The doctor has said i just have to wait it out, that is okay if i wasn't getting so frustrated. I know stressing is bad but it is hard not too!

Does anyone have any advice or any ideas to share?

Thanks x

Ps. i am 24
Agree with the above. Depending where you are in NZ I'd go to a fertility clinic like fertility associates - or one that does public funding so that you can be assessed for the waiting list. You wouldn't get on it if only trying since April but it can be reassessed at any time. They would also do blood tests and a sperm analysis on your partner to check all is well there.
Additionally you could see a naturopath tho it sounds as if you are already taking supplements smile
Good luck ttc for months on end with known fertility factors in the way sux pants!
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