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TTC April 2016 Lock Rss

Yay congrats smile hopefully you've started a trend of BFP's and we all start getting them.
Woo busy month for you Bagpuss!! Very exciting time of the year!
Yay Bagpuss80 that's wonderful news! FINALLY! I was starting to get a bit worried about our little group so let's hope it's contagious! smile
Congrats Bagpuss!! Hooray! So glad at least one of us had success!
Yay Bagpuss!!!!! Wishing you all the best for your pregnancy xx
Sooo happy for you Bagpuss!!
Afternoon ladies. So...AF is due on 27th. This past week I've been asleep or in bed by 8pm sooo tired, I've been going to the loo every hour, little bit of cramping (not as bad as AF) and really weirdly tingly boobs (I don't even know how to actually explain that feeling)... I tested today BFN.
I'm really hoping that I'm just testing too early. If it's nothing and just pre AF symptoms the tingly boobs is a new symptom sad
YAY Bagpuss, brilliant news!!
That sounds promising Elle. AF due on the 29th for me but no symptoms. Just another weeks wait. Won't test till next weekend.
Well I think I'm out for this month ladies sad
Spotting this morning - even though AF not due for 5 days, (What the?!?) continued for rest of the day. And I think it's too heavy to be implantation bleeding.

I really thought this was the month for me especially with the tingly boobs (which mind you I'm still getting some tingles today and never had this with previous AF). And honestly I'm not coping with it at all. It's heart breaking waiting for two weeks experiencing new symptoms and just....*sigh* Need a really good cry.

Anyways...Good luck all who are left. Baby dust to you all x. I may pop over to the May board x.
Oh Elle Im so sorry to hear that xx. I really wish I had a magic wand that I could wave and make us all pregnant.

Have that cry. It always makes me feel better to let it all out. Wish I could give you a hug xx sending one from New Plymouth.

I'm still here waiting for AF. Due on Friday tho so may have to pop over to May for the result. I'm keeping track of both though so I can see how everyone is doing.

Im not getting my hopes up though. No symptoms of any kind so I'd say Ill be joining you all next month. I normally get a big warning cramp 3 days out so I expect it very soon. sad
Sorry to hear that Elle, I know how you feel! I got the tingles this month too and they aren't the usual AF symptom for me either.
Was so sure I was going to get that BFP this month but I'm now on CD45 with 5 BFN's under my belt (latest one this morning) and no sign of AF. Even my tracking app has so idea what's going on!
Have a doctors appointment this afternoon but I think my body is just skipping this cycle sad
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