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TTC April 2016 Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,
Thank you for all your support!

Farmer_mum, I would go and see your gp/ specialist sooner rather than later. I only say that from personal experience, and the frustration I feel from TTC and nothing is happening. After very irregular cycles coming off the pill over a year ago (50-100 days), my gp ordered bloods and a pelvic ultrasound which showed PCOS (never knew I had it before). Luckily I was able to get in to see my specialist within 6 weeks and am now on fertility treatment (FSH, Pregnyl and oestrogen). Hope there is nothing out of the ordinary with you, but heres hoping you make the appointment then don't need it!

Agree, after 6 months of trying you should go see a Doctor. I'm only wait a year because I still breastfeed so it can mess with your hormones and stuff.
Thankyou for your advice ladies I will make an apt. It can be a pretty lonely disheartening journey especially when you are not telling friends and family youre ttc. So thankyou smile
I chose to see a naturopath instead of dr with my fertility issues as I wasnt willing to wait a whole year wondering why nothing was happening. I saw one back in August after ttc since the beginning of the year. Found I had hormone inbalance and potential thyroid issues. Got pregnant in October after taking some supplements which I believe did help. Sadly I miscarried at 12 weeks in January and this is my 4th cycle of trying again since the mc and trying out some different supplements. I am 35 now and my 3 other children were all conceived on first cycle so at the moment I dont know if it just age/ thyroid or something else that is still not making things happen very quick. i do temps and opk testing and I know I do ovulate every month as I get a positive, I get the big change in temps and we BD a heck of a lot ( have tried every other day, the sperm meets egg plan and every day over fertile period) and af is always regular and light and I dont get any af symptoms at all. So frustrating sad If nothing happens on this cycle I need to get another full thyroid test and then may have to go to dreaded dr for medication. Just trying to avoid doing that if things can be sorted naturally.
I know what you mean Farmer_mum.
These forums are great for support, especially when telling those who would normally be our support network, becomes difficult.
Bagpuss I am so sorry to hear about your loss sad

How did they discover your hormone imbalance and thyroid issues? Can I ask what symptoms you were experiencing re the thyroid, and what supplements have you been taking? I'm only asking as I wonder if my thyroid is playing up (well, I think I'm just looking to blame something on my weight gain other than laziness/diet LOL terrible aye!!)

I started taking magnesium supplements about 6 weeks ago. I was going to start taking 30+ vitamins but they are SO expensive, and I've heard magnesium can have the same kind of effect with leveling out hormones/stress etc. I've always been regular with my cycles (knock on wood) but I have noticed I ovulated early this cycle so I'm wondering if that is down to the magnesium at all.
Thanks pinkbitspinky. This will be my 4th child, 5th pregnancy with no previous issues.

The naturopath ordered some tests for me to do, the whole process and supplements has been expensive, very emotional especially now with a loss aswell. I had a hair and saliva test and then full thryoid blood test done privately costing nearly $300 because medicare wont do it. The report for my hair and saliva showed a very high oestrogen level, adrenal fatigue and while my thyroid test was not bad it wasnt the best either and not sure at the moment if being pregnant and miscarrying has now made it worse, I have held off getting tested again because needed to give the supplements 2 months to work and to see if I fell pregnant again. So I am in the TWW now so fx this will be my month. It sounds odd but I really didnt have many symptoms apart from weight gain and fertility issues. My diet is very good I eat a low carb healthy fat diet, quit sugar and no bread/ pasta/ rice that sort of thing. Dairy can be inflammatory to some people so I have reduced that a lot despite dairy being a good fat supply ( dont ever do low fat!!!) as it can spike insulin and cause the weight gain but so can thyroid. I have not lost but not gained any weight so still not sure. Magnesium is good and very important. I was taking stuff from the shops but dont believe it was doing me any good hence only getting products through a naturopath. At the moment I will try/ do anything to get pregnant, the loss has made it more of a desperation now, not to replace of course but that longing need to just be pregnant again. I know that I am truley grateful for having 3 healthy children but it doesnt make this process any easier when we want or wanted to have a big family but age is against us now I guess.
Mama85 - nope not yet. AF is due tomorrow though so may test then just for peace of mind as this weekend is a family event.

Wow I haven't posted in a while! Almost time for AF and while I don't feel pregnant I also don't feel like I usually do before AF. No sore boobs no cramps, none of my usual signs other than a craving for burgers hahaha. This TWW went quicker for me probably because I've just been working and focussing on other things.


Wishingforviolet TTC #1 Cycle 7, O due around 11 March, AF due March 25 (testing on 1st April)
Makalu - TTC#2 cycle 9 (+8ntnp), O ~31 Mar AF due ~15th Apr
Bagpuss80 - TTC#4 Cycle 4 after MC, O 7th April, AF 20th April
Elle_D_83 - TTC#2 for me #3 for partner but #1 together. Cycle 6, O 10th (approx), AF due around 27th April.
Supermegz85 - TTC#1 Cycle 11, O due 2 April, AF due 16 April
Kolah86 - TTC#2 Cycle 14, O due 30 March, AF due 14 April (but still waiting for O)
Sofiaa- TTC #1, clomid cycle, O due 3rd April, AF due 20th April

Farmer_mum TTC #4 for me #3 for partner but #1 together Cycle 3 O due around 23rd March af due around 8th April.
Mama85, TTC #2 Cycle 8, O due around the 26th March, AF due around 11th April
Stods TTC #1 Cycle 4 O due around the 28/29th March AF due around the 14th April
Gen86 - TTC#1 Cycle 5, AF Due 9 April
Cas90 - TTC #3 Cycle 3, O due 3rd April, AF due 20th April
Pinkbitspinky - TTC#2 cycle 6, O April 6 (my birthday!), AF due around 20 April
dejanz, TTC #1 cycle 13, O due 27th March, AF due 8th April


Hope AF stays away for you Dejanz smile
Hope it stays away Dejanz, Fx for a positive. I'm going to retest again tomorrow, I so hope I see something, even a very faint line will give me hope as i'm starting to think this isn't my month.

Bagpuss that certainly sounds like you've been going through a hell of a lot. Hopefully things stabilize for you soon and you can relax and enjoy yourself for a bit. I'm sure you'll get a BFP soon, it's just the wait that is hard!!

Mama - my fingers are crossed for you smile

And Dejanz awesome that you've managed to keep busy for the TWW!! Certainly makes life much easier.

I'm only 3 DPO, but I'm feeling pretty relaxed this cycle. I think not symptom spotting is helping. Plus I think I've got to a point where I don't think I'm going to get pregnant any time soon so I'm not expecting it to happen. I turned 34 yesterday so having a moment of getting used to my age as a number and questioning myself if I'm "past it" for babies lol (physically)
Thanks ladies, I caved today and did a test haha. It was negative. I have another but this one I'm not going to use unless I'm a few days late. I don't think this is our month though so I guess I'll be adding something to my baby box instead.

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