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TTC tips for older women Rss

Hi Ladies,
I've just joined this forum and seen a number of women older than me (44) have successfully conceived naturally with their first child. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? What do you believe made all the difference when you were trying? I've gone through 20 IVF cycles since 41 and 5 failed transfers (including an ectopic pregnancy) since I met my partner 3 years ago. My doctor has told me it's time to give up yet my Chinese acupuncturist who lectures at Monash believes it's still possible without resorting to an egg donor as I'm still ovulating with regular 28 day cycles. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Hello Aklgal,

My name is Suvi Mahonen and I'm the proud mummy of a little four-year-old daughter.

I am also a journalist, with stories appearing in many publications including The Weekend Australian Magazine, Mamamia, Practical Parenting, Essential Baby, Huffington Post and many other publications.

I'm currently working on an article about how to improve your egg quality, and I'm looking for women who have successfully tried one or more of the following supplements: DHEA, Coenzyme Q10, myo-inositol or melatonin.

I notice that you mentioned that you used DHEA and CoQ10.

I would absolutely love to have you in my story!

Please email me at: if you are available to come on board!

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you!

Best for 2018, and Happy New Year!

Suvi smile
Hello there. How are you? I am so sorry to know about this. Look; an IVF treatment had less than 40% chances of success rate in women above the age of 34 years of age. Some get lucky to conceive by this treatment after this age; as you said. Statistically; is not possible. But, we will in a world where miracle happens every day. These women are nothing less than miracles. You can have a baby but the option for you, as far as, I know is Surrogacy. It is not only safe but also had high chances of survival. Why not opt for this? You had already wasted your resources on IVF. Why not give this a try? I am sure, in no time, you will have a baby. Consult a doctor and have several recommendations from people as well. I am sure you will find the right direction. I had being diagnosed with PCOS and was informed I couldn’t conceive because of this. My husband took me to BioTexCom. I had undergone fertility treatment and today, I have 3 babies. Best of luck to you. Clair..
Hi! These might be some of just general tips for everyone ttc. They'll definitely not bring harm to anyone when being followed.
Trying a sperm-friendly lubricant. Taking a supplement with Myo-Inositol. Taking extra vitamin B6 & Zinc. Trying acupuncture. Drinking more water. Continue tracking your BBT. Eating fertility-friendly foods. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep. Getting to the right BMI.
All the best with your cycle! Hugs x
OMG! that is such a hectic journey to observe.
Hugs to you dear! what a tough battle you had.
You are a strong lady no doubt. This journey is such a hectic one.
I got two if IVF failed and I was like I am done with my life.
Nothing is left, good in this world.
I feel lucky that I come up with such forums. You guys just help me out in each situation.
Hope all good for you. Great vibes. though I have no such great advice to provide you.
I just wanted to show up to provide you with some strength
Hey. Hope you are doing fine. No tips are there for it. If you are fertile you can go for it easily. It is sometimes hard to conceive at this age. As egg quality gets worse. I am sorry but its true. My sister is now40 and she was trying to conceive from age of 37 but failed. IVF was not an option because age really matters for it. So she decided to go for surrogacy. Today she is living with her complete family happily.
Hey. No tips are there for it. On the off chance that you are fertile you can put it all on the line effortlessly. It is here and there difficult to imagine at this age. As egg quality deteriorates. I am sad however its actual. I am 40 and I tried to conceive at 35 but failed due to age. IVF was impossible since age truly matters for it. So she chose to go for surrogacy. Today she is living with her total family joyfully.
Hey. Hope you are doing fine. If you are fertile you can go for it easily. It is sometimes hard to conceive at this age. As egg quality gets worse with the passage of time. I am sorry but it's true. My sister is 40 and she was trying to conceive from age of 37 but failed. IVF was not an option because age really matters for it and it's painful as well. So she decided to go for surrogacy. Surrogacy is a blessing for those who can't conceive.Today she has a baby boy and she is so blessed to have him.
Hello dear hope you are doing great. After 35 most of the women face the challenge of fertility. Although every woman is born with eggs but the quality and number of eggs start reducing with time. Their performance is adversely affected by the age. Age determines the fertility too. You should not delay the wait further. I would suggest you to start looking for some good option after the advice of your doctor.
I'm so sad about the circumstances you are facing. How are you doing now? It's very hard to face failed TTC cycles again and again. I really feel pain whenever I see an infertile one. I just wish that everyone can conceive naturally. Though, every sixth couple is facing infertility issues. It's our good luck that science has suggested many treatments to cope with fertility issues. I'm 45 now and currently facing problems to conceive. I cannot carry an infant as my womb was affected by an accident. I was five months pregnant at that time. My DH and I are trying to get some alternative way to have babies for past seven years. Now, we are thinking to go for surrogacy. It is really working and a beam of light in complete darkness. I just wanted to say to those ladies who are facing infertility that they should go for surrogacy treatment. There is a wide range of clinics offering surrogacy. I'm sure that you will get your beloved one too!
Hey there. I hope you are doing great. I am really glad to hear about your willpower. You seem to be very brave and strong. Why don't you go for surrogacy? I wish you good luck. Take care.
I really felt sad for you. I just hope that you are doing great. It's really disappointing to face failure in TTC. I can understand the pain of those who are facing problems to conceive. I wish if everyone can conceive normally. Those are really lucky who conceive in their very first attempt. All of this, there's is still some hope. Science has suggested us many alternative treatments. Surrogacy is one of them. It has benefited many infertile ones. I want to say that those ladies who faced infertility don't sit idle. Instead, they should get up and start to fight with their disease. I'm sure that you will also enjoy the colors of life one day.
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