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TTC August 2016 Lock Rss

Hi ladies,

Who will be joining me for August?

Rhiann0n19, TTC #3, Cycle 17, O due around 27th July, AF around due 10th August


Hi new to the site but after trying for a few months without success I've decided I need some support.

TTC #1, Cycle 6, O due around 20th July, AF due 3rd August.

Couple of questions for you all. What do you do to relieve the disappointment each month when AF arrives? And have you found it gets easier or harder over time?
Hey, new here smile. Trying to conceive an due for af in 9 days. Feel heavy down there and cramps every now and then and also tightness across my lower back. Hopefully these are all signs for a bfp!!!

TTC #1, Cycle 1, O'd around 09th July, AF due 23rd July
Jen jen- I find it gets harder as time goes on but everyone may be different and I will usually do anything I can to take my mind off of it.

Ticktock- My fingers are crossed for you! smile
Do you think it would be too early to test? I now have an incredibly dry mouth but unsure if that can be linked to early pregnancy symptoms...
Thanks Rhiann0n19 I find the first 3 weeks are ok then I start to think more about it in week 4 getting my hopes up and then really struggle the first couple of days of AF.

Trying to stay positive though! Good things take time.
Couldn't agree more Jen!
Hi all!

My partner and I are jumping on the TTC wagon. Extremely nervous as have been on depo previously when my daughter turned one and a year ago switched over to the pill to try regulate my pills. Now on my last pill tomorrow and then it's all go!!!!
Good luck Julzaye! smile
Thank you!!!

What does TWB mean lol??
Two weeks before. In other words the time between your period and ovulation.
Anh that would be me then lol
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