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Very emotional the Last week on Levlen ED Lock Rss

hey ive been on Levlen ED for almost a year now and the last week ive become very emotional and wondering has anyone else experienced this and it been anything other than pregnancy??? My period is due in 3days(on Levlen your not meant to ovulate and I take it at roughly the same time every night) IS IT POSSIBLE THAT IM PREGNANT???

Any thoughts are welcomed TIA
Hi , if your taken it correctly with no diahrea vomiting or mixing with some meds like antibiotics it's a high chance your not preggers . But in saying that nothing is 100% . But still not likely . I'm 10 weeks with number 4. At 7 days past ovulation I was so abnormally emotional and teary .. A blood test 2 days later was negative for pregnancy . So 9 days past ovulation it was neg blood test but a chemist test turned positive on day 12. So the emotional thing gave it away for me even when a blood test wouldn't because my emotional response was conpletely out of character for me and the situation . Thanks smile
I havent had diahorrea vommiting or anything else at all
Ive been with my partner 2mths yesterday and thinking its a little bit too early even though id be happy id be shocked of timing
If i did do a test would you wait till your period is how late?
Oh and congrats very exciting ????
Oh and congrats very exciting
You can get tests that show a positive after ten days from conception. Before your period is even due. Clear blue I think.

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