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Success with Provera Lock Rss

Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has any success stories with Provera bringing on a bleed and then kickstarting your cycle? I currently don't have a period and we want to TTC and obviously one won't happen without the other. I have a GP appointment on Friday to ask some questions but I had someone mention the 10 day course of Provera so I was just after some experience. And also, is this something I can have prescribed by a GP or is it something from a specialist.

Basically any info would be great hah

I've never taken it so no direct experience but have done a lots of reading as we had fertility problems.

My understanding is there's not much point inducing a period for irregular cycles unless you take another medication to induce ovulation. Ovulation occurs ~14 days before a period so taking something now to cause a artificial period isn't going to have anything to do with when your next period will be and hence ovulate next. So most people taking provera for fertility reasons then take something like clomid to time when ovulation happens (which can only be prescribed by a specialist).

The only time I've heard others on here say when provera is useful by itself is if someone (who used to have regular cycles) hasn't had any cycles for months/years due to contraception (like implanon) and they just need something to kick start cycles again.

I'd be interested to hear other people's experiences or what your GP says. As I said I have no direct experience so could be completely wrong. It took us 18 months to fall pregnant this time and know how agonising waiting for AF to show up can be.

Good luck.
Yeh my cycle isn't existent at all due to contraception (depo) which I stopped last year. Before I went on Depo my cycles were super regular but I haven't bled at all since I went on the shot.

I have been on Provera before after having eorpoc. I had hit the 6 month mark with no period and was starting to get very concerned. I took the Provera (5 days) and got my period 6 days after completing the course from memory. As for kick starting cycles, I didn't have much luck sadly.
I am 20 years old and have had an irregular period my whole life. It was recently discovered that I have PCOS. I was placed on provera for five days to essentially kick start my period. Well it worked. Two days after taking the last pill I had a normal period start.
So happy I found smile and got provera with promo code "SALE".
There's not much point inducing a period for irregular cycles unless you take another medication to induce ovulation.

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