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Single woman using donor sperm Rss

I'm new to this form chat stuff but after some info from anyone who has been down the path of using clinic recruited donor sperm? I have finally commited to the descion of of having my 2nd child (12yrs after my first) and am looking to use clinic recruited donor sperm with IUI cycle. I am now looking at which fertility clinic to use. I am Brisbane based and there are about 4 clinics I know of that I can use but given that I'm needing clinic recruited donor sperm, should I be going with the clinic that has the most donors on their list to choose from?? Has anyone been down this path and would you mind sharing some info? How many donors did you have to choose from? Did you pick from donors with baby photos supplied or just from whats written on the paper? Thanks in advance!
The first step is to decide how and where you prefer to get treated – at home or in a clinic. A clinic helps you get pregnant by advising you on treatment methods and doing a range of tests on your fertility, hormones, blood and cycle. At home, you self-manage insemination.
In some countries, you can decide whether you prefer an Open or a Non-contact donor. If you have the choice, it is an important question to consider as it has long-term implications for your child.
In order to choose the right sperm donor for you, you need to decide which characteristics are important to you. Pick 3-5 favorite donors to give yourself an emotional flexibility in your final choice. That is my own experience. I have a son, who happens with IVF at sperm bank " Ukrainian trusted IVF clinic.
Hello, my wife and I are in Brisbane and we used city fertility partnered with rainbow fertility. They have been excellent with everything. The staff are amazing and so helpful. The donors vary depending on your test results to a virus called CMV. If you are negative to ever having the virus then you have a set of donors, same if you are positive. CMV is just a flu virus but can be harmful to catch when pregnant. They can access donor sperm from a few different clinics too. Some are Australia donors and some are American. They American ones have access to photos for a fee if you chose. You won't have access to the donors list until you have at least gone to one councilor session, unfortunately it's just the government requirement.
Good luck smile
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