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TTC December Lock Rss

Are you trying to conceive this month? Get support and advice on the Huggies Forum. Please feel free to use this thread to share your journey! We wish you all the very best this month!
Hello girls. I thought I would jump onto this forum instead as it's December & we're TTC.
I think i'm currently ovulating? I have a lot of EWCM however the cheap online ovulation tests keep coming back negative, i'm very confused. Good luck for everyone TTC this month smile Xxx
Hi Niccyt,
How long have you been trying for? Where you on the pill (or other contraception) beforehand?

I've just come off the pill and am finding it interesting making note on some of the changes I'm experiencing. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just exaggerating my experience because I'm so keen to get pregnant. For example, I've had such an emotional week this week. Super frustrated and then sad, and then agitated and annoyed. I wonder if this is from getting off the pill or just me being an emotional person.

All I'm doing for now is trying to get in touch with my natural rhythm. Have you been taking note of how you're feeling, discharge, when you had your last period, etc? There's so many apps out there that help you log these things and can calculate when you might be ovulating.

Good luck
Hello pmclsj.

I came off the pill just over two months ago. The first month was interesting as I was also very emotional and had a very painful menstrual cycle. This month has been much better, my moods are back to normal.
I ovulated over the weekend by observing my daily CM & also by using the ovulation tests which came back positive.

How many weeks ago did you finish the pill? Good luck smile
When will you be testing niccy?

I'm tracking my BBT this month (cycle 7). Haven't done it before, I usually just use OPKs but thought it was worth a try. I should be ovulating this week so will see how it goes.

Baby dust to everyone TTC this month.
Hey ladies. Currently in my tww cd 18 ovulation bang on day 14 which is unusual for me (usually cd18/19. 1 year of trying with 2 early miscarriages and an ectopic which required surgery. Feeling very positive this month!
Hello Buttercup15. I am out for December as AF arrived two days ago. But i'm feeling positive for January! I haven't tracked my BBT, it's a good idea!

Baby dust sarah0714 smile I love your positivity!! I'm keeping positive this month too! It would be a lovely surprise for the new year!
I'm also out for December. sad On our 8th month TTC now. Hoping 2017 will be our year.
Sorry to hear Buttercup15 sad
2017 will be our year! Xxx
Hey guys,
Sorry to hear December was no good for you. Wasn't friendly to me too.
Feels good to have others to get excited with smile I hope the New Year brings you all luck. Let's remain hopeful and get through that agonising 2 week wait!

Good luck for 2017 ladies. Sending lots of baby dust your way.
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