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TTC March Lock Rss

Hi girls, starting this thread as I'm out for January and a long cycle means I don't ovulate again until March. Hope to find some friends here soon x
true!!! With feb being a short month it doesn't help hu. Good luck, I may yet be joining you!

Mama of two in Otago. TTC #3

I really need some support now. Have been feeling depressed and anxious for a while about not falling pregnant.
Bacially over the year, we only used protection on my ovulation days (day 14/15) until we felt ready. (Risky but still worked?!)
As of October 2016, we've been trying. We both have children from previous relationships and can't catch a break now sad
I'm so down about what's wrong with me. I'm just under 30 and my partner early 30's.
Praying for all of us xx

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Track your ovulation day and have holiday break where you can relax and not worrying things. It will help for you to fall into a pregnancy. A good rest is the key. There are also over the counter drugs for ovulation for man and womanto be more fertile and strong available in chemist or terry white it might help also.
Sometimes it will take a long time .keep trying and just try to avoid getting stress of not falling into pregnancy.
Hi wow its quiet in here compared to previous years we have ttc.. Anyway our youngest has just turned 1 and we are now ttc our next baby.. I haven't got my period back due to breastfeeding but I am pretty sure its not far away (I am noticing changes in my body and its never taken longer than 13months to come back) how is everyone doing?
Hi I"m new here, hope it's ok if I join you?
I'm currently on the 2WW for march... Fingers crossed.

how exciting smile Goodluck!

Hows everyone else in this forum going?

I am still getting signs that af isn't far away, hopefully soon. I am going to order some cheap tests online because I am a poas addict lol. I am so excited to be on this roller coast again smile
I'm waiting too.
As usual lol.
Really praying for all of us!!!!

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Good luck everyone!
I'm in the 2WW but have been trying for 7 months so I'm not holding out much hope.
Hopefully people start getting some good news soon!
Goodluck ckn87 7 months is still normal.. I know heaps of people who have taken up to a year who have no fertility issues and some who had already had children still took that long .. mine usually take 1-3months but my 3rd took 6 months before I got pregnant.. the month I got pregnant with him I took a natural herbal remedy called vitex, I also had low iron so I started taking iron tablets..

Anyway fingers crossed for you that this is your month XOX smile
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