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IVF decision on frozen embryo Lock Rss

Hi, just wondering if anyone has been through IVF and had to decide what to do with the leftover blastocysts? My story... had endometriosis and went on to be blessed with 3 healthy children who are now 4, 7 and 8.5 years old. My dilemma is that I have one healthy, frozen blastocyst left in storage. I'm having to make a decision this year, on what to do from here... my options are to leave it thaw or to have it transferred and have the possibility of another pregnancy. I'm turning 36 this year and sooooo confused what to do as we are out of the 'baby' stage and busy with life with 3 school aged children but I keep wondering what the right decision is. I do feel contempt with my brood and wonder whether I can start again but I am scared of always wondering (or regretting) who that 'last' blastocyst is! Going through IVF was an incredible rollercoaster but I was one of the lucky ones but jeez, this is such an emotional and hard decision for me.... one decision that I never thought I would have to (or want to) make.

Any positive opinions would be appreciated and good luck to all those ladies TTC.
Hi! I freeze my embryos in the clinic, perhaps in the future I decide to have more children.
Hey, it's normal. it will go fine for you. Many people do this. Do not be stressed about it. Do what the doctor says. I hope that your doctor is good at his/her work. Keep us updated. Would love to hear from you.
hey! so great to know that you had so much luck.
after so long I got to hear such positive one.
no doubt you are a lucky one.
as I have seen so many individuals struggling with this sort of things. and not a single one works for them.
It's just over circumstances. or maybe you had a great clinic.
as of now, I would suggest you keep that freeze.
you never know when you would have the wish for another one.
there is no perfect time for having a baby.
you could have babies at any age. and that's fine.
so don't get that waste.
you have a great luck. you must not let go that.
good luck.
would love to hear up your decision.
have a great life
Hello, it's typical. It will go smoothly for you. Many individuals have experienced this. Try not to be worried about it. Do what the specialist recommends. They will recommend you the optimal solution. Keep sharing your story. Would love to get notification from you.
Presonally I would love to be in your shoes - xoxo
You have a beautiful healthy blast ready to make home inside you. Please, do let him this..
We've just started ivf with donor egg. Just the initial stage, no embies created, hopes only. This is a rollercoaster, but it's worth doing. As you have a chance of being blessed with a LO at the end.
This is my point of view. Anyway,I wish you all the best whatever your decision will be!
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