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Public or Private? Lock Rss

I am pregnant with my first and im finding all of this very overwhelming having to make a decision. I do have private health but i cant decide if its worth going down that road or just going through the public system.

Please help! what have people discovered themselves about each option and what do u think is better Public or Private?

I went public with my first and private with my second. My first birth was terrible due to complications but the staff and facilities were great. I only went private for the second time as I knew I had to have a cesarean (due to the complications the first time around) and I wanted to choose my OB. The facilities and staff were similar (but the food was better!).
You're more likely to have to share a room while recovering in the public system but personally I don't think that's worth the extra cost. I had my own room both in the public hospital and the private hospital.

To be honest unless you've got a good reason to go private, I wouldn't. Even with insurance you're likely to be several thousand dollars out of pocket whereas it's totally free as a public patient.

A good friend of mine went private first time and public second (at the same two hospitals I used) and she had a better experience in the public system.

Personally I'd have a chat to your GP as they'll know the best options (ie the safest) to give birth in your area. You can also go for tours of the hospitals if you feel it's important.
There are factors involved in your decision like financial aspect, distance, partner support. Choose wisely,
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