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What should I do when I my eggs are not mature? Lock Rss

Hi, ladies! I hope everyone is great here. It takes a lot of time to get out of the infertility issues?

I am the 33-year-old woman from Australia. My name is Sara brown and I married two years ago with my husband. I was not sure that why we don't have a baby. we decided to meet with the doctors about it. After taking a lot of tests and consulting for months I got the report that my eggs are not mature yet! I decided to go for surggey and taking the donate eggs. The surgery is going to happen next month.

I am still in doubts and I am still facing issues with maintaining my emotions in life. Have you ever feel like that you are strong and weak at the same time. I am feeling like this right now. I have a lot of mix emotions to go through the process. Is there any other thing that should I do right now? I come here to get more details about my problem and getting support from moms who already went through all this.

Feeling so overwhelmed

What should I do?

Infertility makes you so weak and makes you feel unpredictable.

Thank You,
Hello my dear Sara, thank you for sharing your problem and opinion with us. It is a good platform where you can find good advice with other forum members. It is always a hard time when you face such situations in your life. Infertility is very common problem these days and many couples are facing this issue. It is very important for you to be strong internally and to fight with this problem in perfect way. It is very important to face such situation with positive attitude because stress is not any solution and you should get rid of mental stress in such situation. If you are able to fight with this problem with positive attitude, you will be able to find happiness in your life and you can easily face beautiful phase in your life. In your case, it is a good thing that you want to find good treatment solution with any health expert. When it comes to get treatment solution, surrogacy is very helpful for you. You just need to visit any certified reproduction center where they can provide services with help of any surrogate mother. I know that there will be many things and confusions in your mind for this problem. You should not be worried to find this solution and it is very important for you if you can find good emotional and mental support with your husband. I know that you are a strong woman and you are able to face such situation in a good way. My blessings are with you my friend and I hope it will work for you. You will be able to find the desired happiness in your life for sure.
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