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Hi All,

I have been gone through three Intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycles with no success. Now my doctor has suggested me for IVF. The cost for the IVF treatment that she gave is huge per cycle. Which means We will have to use our entire savings if we keep in mind that we will have to go for 3 cycles to be successful. Can anyone guide if the cost for IVF varies in different area of India or is it more or less the same? Also, which are the good IVF centers in UK?

Thank You
Mark Miz
Dear Mark Miz,

I can understand your situation as I have also gone through the infertility issues for a long time. The cost for IVF do differ state by state. For example in England it is relative costlier then in Scotland. However, it might also depend on the Infertility centers as some center in the same state may cost more then the other ones. Also, the success of IVF I feel depend more on the doctor who is handling your case rather than the hospital you go with.

The actual costs vary depending on where you live,” says Natalie Burger, MD, a fertility specialist at Texas Fertility Center.

This is where you can store an embryo taken during IVF to potentially use later. The ultrasound, blood work, embryology procedures and uterine transfer involved could total.If you decide to use donor sperm to get pregnant, you’ll probably pay about $500 for one vial of donated sperm.If your insurance is coming up for renewal, consider speaking with your company’s HR department to see if there are plan choices.
Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic, Cambridge, UK

Oxford Fertility Unit. Cost c. Nearly £7k with a fresh cycle

Not really sure, but one of my friends said that it would have cost her a fortune. She was lucky to have conceived naturally.
Hi Mark Miz,

I am sorry to hear such a problem from you. As per your statement, your IUI went failure for 3 times. Have you ever tried to know what is the fact behind that? Did you check your Gyanec versatility towards handling infertility issues and apt treatments? Okay. Let it be one side. IVF is a costly treatment which would take several cycles for a woman to get conceived. Some may be successful in the first attempt itself and for some, it would take 3-4 cycles. The procedure contains many tests and it should be carefully done in order to shield the fertile egg. And you should also take entire rest till the egg completely implants with the endometrium.

Now, come to the cost of IVF. IVF costs differ from place to place, state to state and country to country. And also it deals with the expertise of a Gynecologist who performs IVF. IVF cost in India approximately falls between Rs. 1,50,000.00 - Rs. 2,50,000.00. When the Hi-Tech hospital is chosen, the IVF cost could peak up to Rs.4,00,000. As India, the United Kingdom also has umpteen IVF centres. The cost also varies from place to place. Some hospitals offer 3 cycle packs and minimum the IVF cost in the UK comes around £ 3,570. Mostly India and UK IVF costs are nearby.

In IVF the fertilization is done in a sterile lab by combining egg and sperm. I do not know whether you have egg formation and maturation, implantation issue or your hubby has sperm issues. If you fall under the former case, then one of my relatives told me about a famous hospital in Ukraine who is an expert is surrogate pregnancy. They give their high success rate with positive results. Here age is also concerned for IVF. Now, the ball is in your court. Take a wise decision and I wish you to be blessed with a baby soon. Cheers…
* Hi, Mark
I went to India last year. I was searching for a clinic that supports IVF and egg donor treatment. I found that was suitable cost. It was between $2500- $6000 for the total cost. The cost of the donor eggs for IVF treatment can range from Rs 28000 to Rs 42000. But the cost of donor sperm is in the range of Rs 8000 to Rs 12000. Don’t worry the cost is suitable. Good luck.
Hi Markmiz How are you? Hope you are fine and in good health.Really sorry to know about your infertility. Its good that you are fighting and looking for options. Well dear I do understand what you are going through. I also had same kind of story. These treatments are very much expensive in UK. As I am also from UK and I had faced these issues too. After seeing so many expensive rates we decided to visit other country. After searching about these treatments we got to know about Ukraine. There are clinics who are providing each and every thing through proper channel and proper professional manner. The good thing is that they very much affordable. This is the reason People from all over the world visit them. We didn't wasted our time. When we reach Ukraine , they arranged our stay in 5 star hotel. They infact payed the dues of our stay. Each and everything was amazing. I was so surprise after meeting with doctors . I had successful journey there. Now am blessed with two kids. Well where ever you go, my good wishes and prayers are with you"
Hi! hope you are in good health. So sorry to hear about your situation. I know how hard it can be to deal with infertility. Just hang in there and don't lose hope. I get that you have had a failed IVF. Might I recommend that you go for surrogacy instead of IVF because unlike IVF surrogacy is guaranteed success? I am also infertile and after failed IVF and IUI, I resorted to surrogacy and my only regret at that time was not to chose this option earlier. IVF cost is different from different clinics. I recommend you go for the treatment from clinics in Ukraine. They are cheaper as compared to those in the UK. Best of luck on your journey.
Hello. I am so happy for you. Some woman can't conceive normally so they pick different methods. Although, IVF and IUI are incredible methods yet they didn't for me. I have faced infertility due to cervix incompetence disease. So after such disappointment, I chose to go for surrogacy. It's less expensive than others. It went successful and I have a child now. I am happy to the point that I chose this method for me. Today I am a blessed mother. I let it all out to a center in Europe. I trust this would help other people as well.
Hello dear. How are you? I hope you are well. Yes, the costs of IVF per cycle are very high. But from what I've heard. IVF is not that successful. It does not have a very high success rate. I've heard a lot about surrogacy. I've heard that surrogacy is very successful. It has a very high success rate. It is the best solution for infertile couples. The best treatments are in Ukraine. You should consult your doctors and get to know more about it. Lt of love. Take care. I hope you find your way soon.
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