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Hello my dear friend, I am so sorry to hear about your problem and it is very sad situation in your life. I can really understand your situation and problem and I hope you will find good solution for it soon. Infertility can be very depressing and stressful moment for any lady because it is a dream of every woman to become a mother and to get happiness of baby in life. I can understand that you are going through very hard time in your life and I will suggest you not to lose hope and happiness. You should always think positive and should hope to find good solution for your problems. The treatment solution for infertility is available all over the world. You just need to find any certified and reliable infertility clinic where you can get these services with the help of professional health experts. When I was facing problem of infertility, I was very depressed and stressed at that time. I made some research on Internet and I found some information about infertility clinics in Ukraine. I visited there with my husband and found good solution for my problem. I hope you can also find the treatment solution in any certified clinic for your infertility problem. In such clinics, you will be able to get help with professional health experts who can provide treatment solutions like IVF egg donation and surrogacy. Surrogacy can be very good treatment solution in case of your problem. I hope you will also find services of any surrogate mother in any certified reproduction center and will be able to get happiness to become a mother. Best of luck for your beautiful future and life my dear.
Surrogate is always not easy, but if you find good support, all must be fine! Now we have a lots information - we can choose clinic, surrogacy, donors.. All! I wish good luck for everyone!
It is definitely true that surrogacy needs to be considered nowadays. It is a great method for those who are labelled as infertile by the doctors. As everyone almost has the desire to be parents and shouldn't be told to lose hope. Surrogacy allows you to be genetically linked with the baby as well which obviously is a plus point. However, it is important that a good clinic not just good but legally good clinic is visited. Being in the same boat I feel like I have realised the importance of that. I was fortunate enough to find an amazing clinic. The clinic is not only operating legally but if you go for surrogacy you would be provided with the custody of the child. The surrogate mother is also chosen after a medical test. If she passes that test than can she only be enlisted as a surrogate. Once a surrogate conceives she is taken extreme care of. She is called for regular checkups and is taken extreme care of. So yes my point being a good clinic will make you a lot stress-free. You will feel a lot better about the process and in the end, it has a high success rate as well. That means it will give you the guarantee that you will become parents.
Surrogacy is the most common method of having a baby for woman who can't have baby off their own.
I am married for the second time and i persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy method to have a baby of our own.
I had many complications with my pregnancies in my first marriage everytime i conceived miscarriage happened.
The consultant has given us a detail of this issue in every aspect.
So now me and my husband are looking for a surrogate to raise our child in her womb.
We have contacted a clinic for this issue and they are helping us in each and every stage,
They let us meet with the other couples who are raising babies via surrogacy method too.
The couples feedback is so satisfying about the clinic that we are now ready to go for surrogacy.
The clinic says that the surrogate should be good physically and should be perfectly alright.
The clinic has also its own many surrogates but they are looking the best one for us.
The clinic has a number of surrogates who are willing to raise our child in their womb.
The clinic says that they will go through extensive tests methods to clear all the reports of surrogate so that we don't have any problems later on.
I have sorted out a list of clinics regarding surrogacy.
If someone from you is interested in surrogacy then let me know i'll give you the list.
If someone has experience in this surrogacy please let us know.
Thank you for such a nice post. You have really shown all your support up there. You seem to be a very optimistic person. Keep spreading the good energy.
Surrogacy is a live saver for me. It got me out of my depression.
Before finding out about it, I thought everything was over for me. But then I got to find out about it. The clinics abroad were very affordable. I chose one and it was my best decision ever. They showed me a whole list of surrogates. I chose the most suitable one.
The treatment is still in process. I wish that more awareness regarding Surrogacy is spread.
It is a really easy way to get your dream come true.
It is really sad to know about your situation. Waiting to conceive is a real problematic time. Usually, the one waiting for the good times gets stressed out and that makes things even worse. I would suggest you stay calm instead of stressing. Look for some alternative measures that can really help you. Surrogacy and IVF are gaining coin all over the world. If surrogacy is legal in your country it is a better option. Just stay positive. Good luck for a happy life.
Dealing with infertility is something very hard. I have gone through this phase. I understand how painful it is. The long waiting journey of TTC, and then finally getting to know that it can't happen. It's a big shock. We lose our hopes. We feel like the world has ended. We don't find any reason to live. In fact, all these things still cannot describe the exact feelings of a couple especially a woman. Those feelings cannot be written in words. Anyway, I think that's life and we have to deal with it. It's not in our control. But what we can do is to face this situation bravely. Go for alternatives. Take a good decision for our future and for ourselves. I think this is what matters the most. Thanks for your post too. It would have given hope to a lot of people out there.
It really feels deep inside for individuals that suffer infertility. Such a tough struggle they do.
Each day we live is a real struggle that no one can understand!
losing a single expectation or hope is such a pain and 6 marriages feel like. OMG!
What a fighter u guys are. I would suggest each one of you do whatever you could to achieve your goal.
You are real fighters! never stop your struggle in between.
The question is never IVF or surrogacy.Question is a little life. No matter what you go for.
Do your best. I am also one of the women who struggle infertility but never quiet. and yet I am on my way to surrogacy.
Good luck to each one of you.XX
Whoa, you're one strong woman. Six MCs are a lot. It's so nice to see you didn't give up. Surrogacy has saved so many couples' happiness. I had surrogacy too. We had received negativity before the procedure from friends. But once we had our baby, there's nothing but goodness.
well, I will really appreciate your efforts. Really it will help the poor confounded souls out there searching for some opinion. According to me, surrogacy really has a number of positive points than disadvantages. wouldn't you need a tyke without changing your physical appearance? Well, this accompanies a great deal of more advantages. You all should investigate about this clinic. One of my friends has suggested it after her successful experience.
Hey. I am so sorry for your loss. I know it is painful but you have to be patient and dont take the stress. It might be hard for you but you have to move on. Infertility takes alot out of a woman. It was so hard for me at first too. I had 3 miscarriages and then I was left infertile. I was so upset but I didn't lose hope. I decided to go for surrogacy. I went to a clinic in Europe and they provided me with a surrogate. She was healthy and examine medically before surrogacy. I was so happy that I am going to be a mother. I have a baby now. I am so happy that I chose it. Through surrogacy, I am finally blessed with a genetic baby. My husband is happy too.
I was also in the same boat few years ago.Being not able to conceive naturally is very hard. But Difficult roads often leads us to beautiful destination. I didn't loose hope. We opted surrogacy and by the grace of Almighty it worked perfectly for me. I hope everyone out there get their happiness.God bless us all.
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