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Hi Priya. How are you? I totally agree with you. No doubt being infertile is the very difficult thing to cope with. But where there is will there is way. Science has done remarkable invention for us. Surrogacy and IVF are blessing for us. I think we should globally recognise this. This should be legal in all over the world.
TTC is never been easy for anyone. Its the worst stage anyone could have in life. It seems to be the long journey where you live with an empty soul and live your whole life with the jealousy looking others having children making a family. What could be more worst than that?
I am the same person that has nothing to do with life rather than having a baby for myself. But courage is overcoming the situations that you have been in for so long. There have been procedures that seem to be doing some great work and making women out of infertility.
Since IVF left me with no choice and resulted in a failure with two cycles. Hence I am the one with the intention to look for surrogacy procedure. I have a number of clinics in my mind and I wish to proceed my procedure with them. Fingers crossed.
Hey there. How are you doing? I hope its all well. I am really sorry to hear about your problems. I know it must be really hard. You are really strong women. I wish you good luck. Take care.
Being a TTC is not an easy thing. It calls your patience. It is a real test of your tolerance and endurance. It seems very difficult to reach a solution in this condition. If you have stopped on the surrogacy option, then it is the right time. Your decision is absolutely right. There is no need to waste your time waiting for something unusul to happen. With every passage of time you realise that something bad is there. If a proper step is taken in time it will save you from getting stressed. The stress is then the real killer. I am really happy that you are close to the most awaited happiness. Surrogacy is really a great gift of science. For those who had lost all hopes it has done a great job. You will soon be the lucky parent due to surrogacy. Wishing you all the best. I am really sure that there is a great gift against your TTC days.
Hey! Hope so you are doing good. I just read your post. You are absolutely right. Infertility is a very serious issue nowadays. Science also helping people a lot in their fight against infertility. They have developed many mechanisms to eradicate infertility. They are developing such clinics that are providing such treatments. They also have their surrogate mothers. Even such clinics provide their customers with gender selection offers. People are also getting awareness from such forums. I really like your post.
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