Hi) First of all I would like to share my story smile I had been having problems with conceiving for almost one year before I decided I need help, after that tried to find somebody, who could help me. I was looking for really good IVF clinic for a long time, because had doubts even when lady on reception was not enough kind, I tried to find clinic and doctor who I will trust to, with normal attitude and acceptable prices, read tones of reviews.
Eventually I found clinic Bristol Fertility to give me consultation, I was surprised at level of politeness, was very satisfied with kind and knowledgeable doctors. I did 2/3 rounds of IVF with them, they are patient, responsible, carrying, thoughtful, on time - perfect all around. I talk about this clinic https://ovu.com/united-kingdom/bristol/fertilit... The nurses are always so understanding and it such a comfort that you can email them with any concerns or questions and they will always reply quickly. I'm waiting for my little happiness and I'll be happy to hold it in my hands very soon)
Will be glad to read your stories