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Hey there! What if someone was TTC for over 3 years? Yeah, I know. That someone should have a checkup done and get tests done. So, I did. I consulted a fertility expert and got tests done. I was declared infertile. And my infertility was unexplained. The feeling was terrible. I was broken. I felt ashamed of myself. Obviously, my husband, my family, and my friends had expectations from me. They were very supportive. My husband came up with the idea of surrogacy. Because of which today, we're proud parents of 2 beautiful little girls. So, I just want to tell people out there that never lose hope. Keep trying but if it's been so long, consult a doctor. Good luck to every couple out there!
Unexplained infertility is so terrible and really frustrating. I have been TTC for 6years. I have a low ovarian reserve. it is not unexplained but yeah it has been really tough. But the success stories of couples of my age conceiving naturally have been very motivating and encouraging. Such accounts of couples gives me hope and faith. I advise you see fertility doctors who may suggest you some treatment and determine your infertility issue. Lots of baby dust
Hi, I hope you are fine. I have been trying to conceive for many years. To be precise, it has been 9 years. It is sad. But it doesn't stop me from keep trying. I am trying my best to find a solution. I am hopeful that one day I will get to find it. x
It's sad to see so many couple TTC without success for so long. I wish these complications didn't exist in life. Sadly they do. I myself faced a complication. However, it was different in the sense that I knew I won't conceive no matter how much I tried. I had my uterus removed due to cancerous polyps. I went through surrogacy to get my child after much moping around and feeling sad. It's changed my life for the better. TThis story is just there to give hope to others in this tough time. Even if you don't opt for surrogacy as I did, there are other options like IVF too where you yourself can carry the child. Anyway, I hope you all get your kid in the end. Kids are a blessing. Good luck! I have my fingers crossed for you!
I just stopped for a second, thinking what to answer?
I have lost numbers. There is a long journey that I have suffered.
I wonder what you might be looking for. Courage from the women’s who have been TTC for a long time.
If you are new to TTC then I would love to suggest you to never consider any situation for granted.
This little waiting period might turn into long one. Just consider each month should not turn into years.
Drag the opportunities to your way. There is no blessed thing other than being a parent.
Good luck.
Baby dust to everyone.
Hi. Good to see your post. I was really looking for this kind of post to share my problem. Good to see that I am not alone in this journey. I am sure with the continuous effort we will get what we want. Now coming towards the issue. I have been trying to conceive for more than 3 years. I got married at age of 32. We started trying to conceive just after our marriage. We wanted to have a child who can strengthen our relationship. But after 1 year, we got no success. Then we started worried and started consulting to the fertility clinics. We have gone through many medical procedures, we have used many medicines, but all in wain.that was disappointing But we did not lose the hope. Instead, we try more, and also there were not any signs of pregnancy. Then one of our sincere friends suggested us surrogacy treatment. I searched for a most suitable clinic offering surrogacy. but still, I am facing problem in choosing the best one. So, can one of you help me in this regard? This means a lot to me.
I have been reading comments over this post and this made me think that how many women's have stuck in between infertility. As it is been said that one of 13 women often found to be infertile. Isn't that a huge ratio. And they have to struggle over the years, Knowing that they were never at fault of this. Being an infertile woman I could feel the pain which we have and all the sufferings. I just wish each one of you just get through all this soon. Love to all.
Hi, I hope you are doing well. I have been TTC for three many years. I'm trying hard for over more than seven years. It's hard but I'll never lose the heart. One of my friends suggested me the surrogacy option. I believe that one day my wish will come true.
HeySam I would like to share the story of my close friend with you. She is now 37+. She got married at the age of 25+. She tried to conceive for more than 7 years. After all those hard times they didn't loose hope. One day I told her to go for adoption or other treatments which science has provided us. Well she choose adoption process. Miracles still happens after they get their baby through adoption. A month later she get pregnant too. Isn't this the amazing thing ever? Now she is the proud mother of two kids. So never ever loose hope.
TTC is the hardest period of a woman life. I was also trying to conceive for a long time. But had no luck with TTC. Although I conceived 3 times the miscarriages were in fate. My first husband left me and I was totally broke. Then I was in depression quitting my job and staying up last night. Now I am at an age of 43. I am going to be married again. I have told my husband everything about my complications regarding pregnancy. He is still willing to marry me. He says that he has consulted some good clinics regarding surrogacy and we will go for surrogacy to have a child. I had many complications regarding pregnancy. Now I am happy I have someone to support me. I have read about surrogacy from many people on this forum. People here have shared their stories of TTC. I receive an email from the clinic about their event in London. The clinic is going to arrange an event in London.
The event is going to take place on the 18-19th of August. The head of the English team will be there to answer all the questions people have.
They will also offer some seats for registration there. I have talked to my husband I am going to attend the event.
And most probably I will register myself there for my surrogacy treatment.
Aww I feel sorry for u. I've been through this pain sometimes ago when I even lost hope to become a mother again after my miscarriage. But thank God soon I got to know about a clinic in Ukraine. They are giving their best facilities to their clients. They are very honest in their work and providing their best to clients. I'm here in Ukraine hoping for becoming a mother soon. They provided me with a surrogate mother who is going to start the cycle of pregnancy of my baby soon. Wish me good luck as I need prayers of all.
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