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Clomid? Lock Rss

Hi there!

I'm just wondering if anyone has had any success on Clomid? Or any info about other ways they have increased ovulation?

I have PCOS- mainly irregular cycles. No issues with conceiving my first but since then my cycles have been at least 6-8weeks and this last one since we have officially decided to 'start' TTC number 2 it has been 3 months and counting. Having blood tests tomorrow and then most likely seeing an obstetrician and Clomid has been mention. just wondering peoples experiences

Thanks x
Hi im on my first round of clomid im 7dpo so will know next week if it worked
ohhhh thank you GOODLUCK!!!!
We just had our first round of Clomid.
(Took a pill for 5 days - today was last day)

I have blood tests and scan next week to see how it worked
(We are doing a monitored first round....)

Will update hopefully with positive news ....
Hey guys! I’m part of the league now too. I see it’s been more than a month since the post was made. I’m sure poster lady has something to share. Right? If you are reading this, please let me know. I’m very nervous taking this Clomid thingy. I am just starting out. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. One of my friends from work had experience with this. She used to tell a lot of stories about it. At that time, I was not very interested in the topic. I wish I was though. Now, she has left and I can’t seem to find her contact details anywhere. I want to reach out to her and get all the info I want to ask. TTC is now becoming a real pain man. Awaiting your reply.
I have taken my 5 days of pills
(Day 3 until day 7)
Had blood test today (day 11)
Blood tests were meant to be day 10 but it was a Sunday so they said Monday would be ok.
Fertility ass rang me today to say “it’s a great start” (not entirely what that means but I’m happy if they’re happy)

I have another blood test tomorrow (day 12) and also a scan.
I have my fingers and toes (but not legs)

I was more ‘teary’ Whilst taking the clomid (cried when watching tv in sad parts which I normally never do lol) but no hot flashes or problems that I’d read other people had. I was very tired but not sure if that was the pills or school holidays with my other kids haha.

We’ve been trying for over a year - finally reached out to fertility assoc end of last year and making movements now.
Will update!
Had blood test and scan today (cd12)
Showed an LH increase from yesterday - dr said that should ovulate next day or two.
Been told to BD for next 3 days -

But scan showed 6 follicles
(This was my first ever follicle scan)
3 of them are over 20mm
One is 18mm
The other two are under 12mm

So they rang to say high risk of multiples.
But dr is ok for me to continue as due to my age (mid 30s) possible they won’t all be “good quality”
Lol ????
So we have decided to “take the risk”

I have blood test in about 8 days to check I did ovulate (and if I don’t - next month they would look at a “trigger” shot)
Then we wait.....

I bought a pile of early (10hcg) pregnancy tests online lol as I know I’ll be hanging out.....

Good luck everyone!
I promise to update - hate that so many people don’t finish their story and just leave us hanging! Lol
Wow it's reassuring to hear about others going through this process! I'm on a waitlist through the hospital for an appointment so hoping the wait isn't too long. While I wait i'm going to aim to lose some weight which hoping might help with my PCOS and also Monday going to acupuncture to assist with fertility. I though its best to be proactive while I'm waiting and figure losing weight and becoming more fit is great overall anyway.

Please Please keep updating i'm already learning things about this process from all of you lovely ladies and I will definitely update my info too! Good luck to everyone!!

Oh and the idea of being a bit more emotional will please my husband haha!!! I'm already super sensitive so that will be fun hahaha!!
That sounds awesome.

I had to lose weight before dr would give me clomid.
My BMI was too high.

I lost 16kg in 3 months (was very motivated) so he gave me clomid.

Good luck
I folded and took a pee test

Hoping too early...will leave it a few days....and try again.
AF not due until 2Feb....
Hi there dear, how are you. It's really good that you have one child. Most of the people having problems while having their first child. Well, I must tell you that please consult some good doctor for your help. Besides that, you could try some exercises. You can take good food. Proper balance diet is really helpful for this. Maintenance of weight is necessary. I think you must take all these precautions. Then it could be really helpful for you. I hope I helped you. thanks allot.
(Approx 10dpo )

Very very faint positive on test!!

Will test again in a couple days / but am quietly confident (for the first time ever!!)
Cried when I saw it!!

This was our first clomid cycle after TTC for over 12mths
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