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Hi girls. How are you all doing? Well, This is Sarah Williams from the USA. I recently just joined this website. I have also met a few people and joined a few discussions. I am really delighted to meet some nice and helping people out here. The thing is that I'm planning to try getting pregnant again later this month. I'm planning on to have one more try before confirming my IVF dates. So, yeah! I just need a little support or any advice anyone can give me. Well, I have this rough medical history of heart conditions...But, I still wanna try again. I'm also going to ask my OBs for it...Let's see how it goes! Thanks!
Hey there!
Hope you are fine. I'm sorry to hear about your heart condition. At the same time I'm happy to see you have not given up. You shouldn't. More power to you. Pregnancy is a beautiful gift. You should always try your best to have yours. I went through IVF for my first two pregnancies. At the time, the waiting and the expectations may leave you in despair sometimes. But now that I see my boys I know that it was all worth it. I understand that with your condition it may be harder. But dear trust me it'll be worth it. I wish you all the good luck in the world. We all support you. Lots of love!
Hey SarahWilly! I am good. Hope you're fine as well. Usually, women who suffer through heart conditioning are able to have healthy babies. However, there is a risk attached to it. Make sure while you're preparing to conceive, you're constantly in contact with your cardiologist. Proper medication might help. Also, IVF is a great alternative if this last try does not work out which I hope it will. Best of luck!
Hi Sara! welcome to the forum. I wish you good Luck and hope you will get pregnant naturally. How long have you been trying? Did you ever tracked your cycle? Its very helpful in knowing the ovulation period. If you try during your ovulation chances of getting pregnant are high.
Hello! I am very happy for you that you are still trying but please think about your health. You are taking a risk if you have had some heart problems. I am not saying that you are doing something wrong but you can opt for other options too to get a baby, please don't put your life in danger. Pregnancy is a very complicated process and it has a lot to d with our heart. You can try surrogacy with your own eggs. Just an advice. Good luck, I hope you take the right decision.
hello Sarah! welcome to this world.Best of luck for the new steps ahead of you but what is your actual problem? Some people here might be able to help you out in a number of ways and could tell you if IVF is effective for you or not.See sometimes it works sometimes it does not.So watch out for everything before so you don't end up having left out with no money and zero happiness as well.I have been through this road that is why I am giving you a heads-up about it.Life gave you one hardship you never know what is written in your fate.Apart from that best of luck for the appointment due I hope that you get what you want soon.Much love and support.
Hey there Sarah how are you doing I hope you’re doing well I’m really glad that you are trying once again and I hope you succeed this time. I really think it’s a great idea that you want to try one more time or something like IVF and the best luck to you and take care of yourself.Please keep us updated on your condition and take care of your diet as well it has a huge impact on our body because we are what we eat.
Hey there. Hope you are doing well. People here are welcoming. They help you and try to understand you. They give their best to make you feel better.
Just read your post. Sorry to hear about your heart condition. You are a strong women.
I wish you to have happy life.
I hope you will get a good news this time. It takes a lot of courage to try again. Be the same. Hang in there. You will get what you want soon.
Keep good care of yourself.
Stay healthy.
Best wishes.
Much love.
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