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Hi everyone. I am a mother of 2 years old son. I feel it so difficult to keep him engaged in some positive way. He is very active baby and I feel that he gets bored very easily. I really need advice how to keep him busy. I take him outside for walks too almost 1 hr. after that he plays with his toys for a while and then sleep for 1-2 hrs. in the evening I have no activity for him. Is this case with all others mom too? Or I am being over sensitive?
Hey there! I hope that you're doing good. You're so lucky to have a child. I've seen women here discussing their infertility issues. So I'm really glad to read your post. Okay so during the first baby, it is really very difficult to handle them sometimes. So that's why you're just having some problems. You take him out for walks and he plays with his toys too. But still, you don't know how to involve him in some activity. Children usually love cartoons. Make him watch some good cartoons. And try to make him learn poems too. He'll definitely love it. I hope that this helps you. Take care of yourself and your cute baby boy. Much love!
You are very lucky you have a baby. You will face some problems in starting its common because its some thing different is happening in your life. And i must say it is most beautiful emotions to become a mother. Hope you are getting my point. Wish you and your husband best of luck for future.
Hey Jennifercox!
Congratulations on being able to enjoy the most wonderful feeling in the world. The feeling of being a mother.
To keep your little champ busy you may try to organize healthy games for him. Getting playdates with children his age is also a good idea. He might also enjoy watching cartoons. Though he may not yet be able to understand cartoons but colors and moving pictures help in the development of his cognitive ability. And you can try doing maximum work during his day naps.
Good luck!
I think you are being a way to over sensitive, cant really blames you I might be doing the same if I was in that situation too. Since I am not I can speak from a general perspective. Let him be bored there is nothing wrong with that. Kids that age do not need that many productive things in their life, also kids love lego so you can always try that, or get him some play dough. That ought to keep him busy. Goodluck.
Hey! I agree with Avabrown... cognitive activities are great for helping develop new skills in children, but designed in a way that seems like fun for them. If you’re stick for ideas and have Pinterest, take a look on there; otherwise do some painting or drawing with him, read books, make necklaces out of pasta or toilet rolls; water play or sand play; build castles out of LEGO or juplo/blocks; build a fort in your lounge; make play dough or slime.
Try researching for a Mother’s group in your area that you can join; this will be helpful for both you and your son as he can play with other kids his age while you get to chat to other mum’s who can relate to and support you if you need.
My 3 yr old is active that way too. Even after a long day at preschool when he should be tired he still has WAY more energy than me (it seems the rest of the house wants to settle down & he's just warming up). I think some kids are just more active than others. Maybe look for a mother's group or playgroup so he gets to run some of his energy off with other kids, but also make sure you get some time for you to relax because if you are worn out you will find it hard to deal with his energy when you're tired. I know it all sounds easy but I understand it is sometimes not, hope you find something that works for you.
I understand it is sometimes not, hope you find something that works for you.
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