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Hi everyone. Just letting you know I have a new group offering fertility tips for NZ women. If any of you are interested, please join us. smile Sandie
Hello. How are you doing? Thank you for this post. A significant amount of people on this forum have been struggling with. I actually received a lot of help here when I was having my own kid through surrogacy. It's nice to see how you are trying to help them out. Keep up the good work.
Hey there! The success and availability of IVF has raised the hopes of many infertile couples. Those who have not been able to conceive because of infertility. Associated with not only blocked or absent fallopian tubes but also male infertility and many other causes. Before the first cycle a physician will do a semen analysis on the male and a trial or mock embryo transfer. IVF is generally proceeded by the use of ovulation-stimulating drugs to increase the number of mature eggs that can be retrieved. If no viable own eggs then donor eggs may be used. At my 35 yrs old dr diagnosed me on blocked fallopian tubes and suggested surgery to open them before treatment. My right tube opened only. Still we tried iui cycle which failed. We passed several medicated cycles with monitorying which brought no result. Did another lap but the following 2 ivf rounds ended bfn and early miscarriage. Our new dr at bio texcom told it was time to use donor eggs. we followed her advice and soon conceived after shot#1 de ivf. I'm just a couple of weeks with my bean on board!!
There are many options nowadays to get the long awaited baby. Types of ART include in IVF, gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT), zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT), embryo cryopreservation, egg or embryo donation, and gestational carriers. There's definitely the option one can choose to battle infertility!
I was going through this post and learned so much. One of the reasons I really like this post. There are few tips even I have learned during the course of time. These are very general ones! The first one being it is very important that you don't delay things. It's so important to visit the specialist right on the time. I made this huge mistake of visiting the OB for the longest time possible. This will just delay your process and that is it. If things aren't working out with him move to a RE. They will do your proper tests and figure out the real issue. Apart from this always research about the treatment that your doctor is suggesting you should opt for. It is so important to have prior knowledge on the subject. Good luck to you. I hope things go well for you. Sending baby dust your way.
I'm with Monikadavid399. The sooner the problem is nailed the better. Male may have a general physical exam and some specific fertility tests including: Semen analysis. dr may ask for one or more semen specimens. A lab analyzes semen specimen. In some cases, sperm may be tested for in the urine. He may have a blood test to determine the level of testosterone and other male hormones. Genetic testing may be done to determine whether there's a genetic defect causing infertility. In select cases, a testicular biopsy may be performed to identify abnormalities contributing to infertility. and to retrieve sperm to use with assisted reproductive techniques, such as IVF. In rare cases, other tests to evaluate the quality of the sperm may be performed, such as evaluating a semen specimen for DNA abnormalities. Ladies may have a general physical exam, including a regular gynecological exam. Specific fertility tests may include: A blood test which measures hormone levels to determine whether you're ovulating. Hysterosalpingography which evaluates the condition of your uterus and fallopian tubes. It also looks for blockages or other problems. Ovarian reserve testing helps determine the quality and quantity of the eggs available for ovulation. This approach often begins with hormone testing early in the menstrual cycle. Other hormone tests check levels of ovulatory hormones. As well as pituitary hormones that control reproductive processes. Pelvic ultrasound looks for uterine or fallopian tube disease.
On the basis of all those tests results dr is to decide on the best treatment plan for the particular case.
Hi Sandie! I hope you are doing well. That's a great thing you are doing. Any kind of support on this journey means a lot. So keep it up. These forums are for people who are facing those troubles and this will help them a lot. You are right Monika, time and place really matters. We ignore those both things and end up with a failure. I hope you understand what I am talking about. Most of the miscarriages happen because of our own faults. If you opt for a good clinic in the start, things are positive for you. Good luck everyone out there trying to conceive. Stay blessed! Take care!
Hey! Hope you are well. Thank you for making this group. This would be of great help for the people who are TTC nowadays. A friend of mine is also getting fertility treatments these days. She will be starting IVF soon. Ill share this group with her. Thanks again!
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