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  5. Hi need advice asap giong insane for baby??

Hi need advice asap giong insane for baby?? Lock Rss

haha, this just made my day.I was thinking about you today when I woke up.Believe it or not, I was.Like how you and I are the same.You just vent much better than me.I am so happy for you I swear.I really hope everything goes well for you from this point onwards.Please do not rely on the doctor for everything.He can only do so need to take real good care of yourself.Start with a healthy clean carb diet.No more sugary foods or drinks.The best you can do is go for chocolate.Mental stress is such a big deal while going through pregnancy.I don't want anything bad to happen to you.Sending much love and happy thoughts your way.
Hello there! I hope you are doing fine. Im really sorry to hear about your story. I think you should not take any chances in matters like these. I too faced alot of issues in getting pregnant. You should explore other options aswel. I got married in 2009. My husband and I were facing difficulties in TTC. We tried our best,m, even all of our tests were normal. We were then told about a clinic based in Ukraine., They told us about surrogacy. We were hesitant in the beginning. We still took our chances. Now im the mother of a beautiful baby boy. I wish you all the best for you treatment. Take care. Cheers!
Hi! Your concern is right and I tell you something there's nothing to be scared of keeping yourself calm and follow the procedure just right and it will be a successful attempt. First, if you use your own eggs, hormones will be given to stimulate egg production, while preventing ovulation until the desired time. Your estrogen levels will be monitored over several days and also vaginal ultrasound is used to monitor the growth, size and number of developing ovarian follicles and then there comes the process of egg retrieval if it is successful and on time there won't be much problem afterward, then fertilization in growth medium well the most important thing is the health of surrogate you choose, her blood tests and overall health condition and after transfer of embryo if she's well monitored by a doctor to make sure medication levels and effects are appropriate and also have additional ultrasounds to show if implantation occurred she'll be shifted from fertility clinic to OB/GYN and from there everything will hopefully go well after her regular checkups and better health routine.

Hey, dear. How are you? I know you are in a terrible situation. It must be very hard for you. But you have to stay strong and cope up with all this. What I think is that your doctor isn't treating you good. Why don't you change your doctor? Try to find an expert who can guide you better. I hope everything gets better asap. Good luck!
Hi there. You're in such a bad condition. But you gotta stay strong and face it okay? It must be very hard. But this is for now and will end soon. You need to see an expert. Someone who can understand you better both emotionally and physically. I have my fingers crossed for you. Best of luck sweetheart.
Hey there davies! You are going through a lot. This is really too much to take. I think you must visit some experienced doctor. Discuss your issue in detail with him. He is the one to help you and guide you properly. He can run some tests. By doing so you will be quite clear about your situation. More than half of your worries will fly away. Once you get to know what is going on within you. You will feel quite relaxed.
Just don't panic and stay calm.
Hope for the best. I hope you will get to know everything soon. Lots of love and power to you. Wishing you luck and success in future.
Hi ladies.I am feeling sad to know about the situation.I knew really hard to accept that you're infertile.It's too much difficult to have this horrible situation.When I had heard that I am not conceiving naturally.This was the worst day in my life.I never feel too much depressed and heartbroken in my life. but that day I was not out of my mind.I just want, No one having this bad thing in life.May you had better success and feelings in the future.Without hoping and strength, it will not possible.Try to understand and believe that there is nothing, you have to said that is impossible.Keep trying and need to concern with the good clinic.It will be the important thing that you required at this time.Good luck.
Im sorry and so saddened to report i had a miss carriage on the 21 st Wednesday last wk i was five wks two days had bleeding and cramping in the afternoon about 4 or 5 pm and went to docs at 745 at night got told the news at 1130 when i first got told i was pregnant at like 3 wks or so my hcg level s were at 33 when i got my hcg tested at hospital showed a drop to 16 had normal and prob ultra sound done that night showed no sac so hense the miscarriage ao really hard to try and come to terms with it so im gunn try again also 5 days after mis carriage had ovulation pains for ova a day now wondering how do i find out when i ovulate is it on the old cyle or does it start again ten days after mis carriage confused desperately wanting to be pregnant again i atill can't believe havent been bothered tp check my level s cause i know its gone bleeding had basically stopped just a lil dark red moist nlood when i wipe occasionally!! sad help sorry for the long post sad and confusing for me
Hello there! I hope you are doing fine. It is so nice of you to share your story here. I can understand that you are doing this for your husband. Well im a big advocate of IVF and surrogacy. Heres my story. It might give you hope. I got married in 2009. I have had two miscarriages since then. I had lost all hope to become a mother. Then I was told about this Ukraine based clinic. They later introduced us to surrogacy. My husband and I were reluctant in the beginning. Nevertheless, we took our chances. Now I am blessed with a beautiful baby boy. I pray that everyone gets blessed with children. Best of luck. Cheers!
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