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Infertility has become a global issue. It is really stressful and disturbing for a lady. It's becoming a common problem. I am also facing this problem. It's been so many years I am facing such a situation. But I didn't stop and keep trying. I found a clinic in eastern Europe. I searched for them online. I read many success stories about them. On my first visit, they provide me with all the basic knowledge about infertility. Then they take my blood samples for diagnosis. They suggested me Surrogacy. I thought it would be expensive but I was so happy to know that their rates were affordable. There are so many clinics working on infertility treatment. I suggest you consult a well-known clinic. Everything is possible in this world. The only key to success and happiness is a continuing struggle.
Hey, sweetheart Things will be alright very soon. You are not the only one who is facing infertility. It is very common nowadays. There are many women out there in this boat with you. Be strong and face this time with bravery and courage. Well, these treatments are like the blessing of science. But I think IVF is a risky process and it can result in a miscarriage. So my suggestion is you should go for Surrogacy. Surrogacy is a risk-free treatment and it's success rates are also very high. Choosing a prominent clinic is very important for these treatments. So please take some time while finalizing a clinic. There is a very prominent clinic in Europe. They are known for their best services. People trust them and appreciate them on social media and these platforms. I would suggest you the same clinic. Take care.
These feelings are so familiar to me. I think they are close to many girls here. These thoughts are with us 24/7. We struggle because of our infertility and some people just don't get it because they don't have it. There are so many words I wanna say to my family/friends but I can't and I won't. Some people won't understand. Some of them may be offended so it will be better if I will keep silence and sob quietly in bathroom. Though we will keep these words to ourselves but we still can share them here. I’m so sorry you faced infertility. Everyone around is getting pregnant and I feel so sad. No, I'm really happy for my friends! I just can't understand why I can't get pregnant. We were ttc for 8 years. The result was 3 miscarriages. That was really hard times for our family. And my friends are getting pregnant so easily!!! And some of them ask "kids are such a blessing! what are you waiting for? don't you want to have children?" I wanna scream after such questions! I wanna literally punch them in their faces! I will never ever ask any woman such things. We are currently in surrogacy program. So I really hope things will become better soon. I wish you to become mom asap and finally become the happiest woman in the world!
''And my friends are getting pregnant so easily!!! And some of them ask "kids are such a blessing! what are you waiting for? don't you want to have children?"
I totally feel your pain. Once a sweet lady on forums sent me this, like ''tips for successful ttc'' #
Exercise moderately. Have your own pattern. Strenuous, intense exercise of more than five hours a week has been associated with decreased ovulation.
Quit smoking. Tobacco has multiple negative effects on fertility, not to mention your general health and the health of a fetus. If you smoke and are considering pregnancy, quit now.
Avoid alcohol. Heavy alcohol use may lead to decreased fertility. And any alcohol use can affect the health of a developing fetus. If you're planning to become pregnant, avoid alcohol, and don't drink alcohol while you're pregnant.
Reduce stress. Couples experiencing psychological stress had poorer results with infertility treatment. If you can, find a way to reduce stress in your life before trying to become pregnant.
Limit caffeine. Limiting caffeine intake to less than 200 milligrams a day shouldn't affect your ability to get pregnant. That's about one to two cups of 6 to 8 ounces of coffee per day.
And some other very general things. I know she probably wanted to help, but this worked out much differently. I cried day and night as this ''list'' was the tiniest part I've been doing for yrs but got no luck so far!!! And here the sweet honey just advises me to look at my life style pattern and then I'd definitely fall prego!! Life could be cruel..
Due to job my dh was exposed to toxins for several years. His health condition was getting worse but he didn’t pay attention to it as usual. After some time he was almost knocked down with the weakness. Only after it he made an appointment with a doctor. Now he has to take lots of medicals which can affect the quality of the semen. But when everything goes for better we’ll take IVF in the Ukrainian clinic we were our first time. Biotexcom gives a special guarantee. If for example you start IVF and fail to achieve pregnancy from the fifth attempt you will have all the sum of money back. Also they offer different types of testing due to every type of infertility. I think it will be useful for you to make sure of your diagnosis. Maybe they’ll explain your unexplained infertility. An overall diagnostics will clarify everything.
Hey, you're not alone with your feelings. Once I was in your shoes. It took us long years by the time we realized we couldn't cope with it on our own. Just like you I was dreaming and dreaming about having little tinies in our huge house. How I would have been blessed having marvelous family of a loving husband and at least two his sweet reflections. Once time was so tough for me I couldn't stand watching young mothers with their babies at parks, shops etc. Family reunions were like a torture as I was the only one not having babies. I was not a spring chicken, nor was getting younger. I just envied my relatives being so fertile to have one or two babies by the time they were 28. It seemed so unfair!
All in all we began our long struggling. And it ended only 2 years ago at overseas clinic, where we applied for DE IVF and after 2 weeks after transfer heard so much desired "Congratulations! You're pregnant!"
Sorry you're facing this greatest problem now. But my only advice is that you should go to a reputable fertility clinic and find out what's going wrong. You'll feel easier having the situation clarified. I hug you strongly and wish you lots of baby dust soon x
We did it with de. At that time me - 37 yo, diagnosed with POF. Dh - stage 3 colon cancer, affecting sperm count and quality. But his swimmers turned out to be worriors. And oe - on the contrary of no use. They told us we had to consider using donor eggs to have chances. Our ukrainian clinic had a database of more than 600 donors so that we could choose among them. Using de was included into the contract points so we didn't worry about where and how to get de. Also all the meds and needed services were covered by the package. And in the case of 5 failures we could get our money back.
Really it's so hard to read between lines ..the amount of feelings you're dealing with daily, dear. I know that well, though my story differs. I've always thought that becoming a mother will wait merely until I do all my plans. How stupid of me it was! I couldn't imagine that once I'd find myself somewhere abroad looking for infertility treatment.. And so many times asking myself - why? why me? But this is how the journey started. I got married pretty ripe age. Dh and me wanted a child badly.. I was 36 yo, later diagnosed on POF.  1 failed round ICSI which ended in early miscarriage. Then again months trying naturally. Like waiting for the miracle, but it didn't happen. Unless we found ourselves in another clinic waiting for passing ivf shots..
Yes, honey! These things are very common. It's tough going through such an issue. I hope things get better for you. You should really consider undergoing the procedures at a fertility clinic. That really is your best bet. They will host a check-up and then let you know what your best option is! Good luck and lots of baby dust.
Hello, Linda. I'm awfully sorry that you have to go through all this. I pray that things get better for you. You should've moved on to assisted conception, a lot earlier. It's never too late, though. Good luck to you. Here's to hoping you get to the end of your journey with a lot of happiness. Sending lots of baby dust and love.
It must be really hard for you. It's really important to stay positive. Dealing with infertility is really hard. However, it's better to go for one of these assisted conception methods. I found success with IVF. I did not really believe in these methods, at first. However, once I underwent treatment for it, it all changed! It really is legit. I think you'll be convinced, too, if you just visit a fertility clinic, first. Good luck to you honey!
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